Busy Bees Building their Best!

Becoming a Family

Whirlwind Weeks

WOW! Can you believe it has already been two weeks of school?! They say that time flies when you're having fun, but let me tell you the time has just gone in a SNAP! Your learners are the best part of my day, and honestly, the greatest in my life. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you are entrusting me with your hearts. I promise that I will love them with every fiber I have, and not one of them will feel unwelcome.

So just a quick recap of our first week! We did plenty of team builds, class cooperative activities, and numerous "getting to know you" games. I believe that building this foundation of familiarity and trust will launch us into success before getting into the good stuff! As you know we shared our "ME bags," so as to introduce ourselves, and our passions, to one another, fostering a sense of unique acceptance in our room. After having WAY too much fun, we got down to some routine duties such as creating and using our Take Home Folders, getting acquainted with our Specials and Lunch/Recess schedules, and learning to be respectful and kind family members. We have labelled all of our wonderful supplies to help us during the year, and we thank you SO MUCH for providing everything you have in order for our time here to be productive!

WEEK TWO! Well that came fast! Immediately after the bell rang Monday morning, our kids flew right into morning work and the Dr. Penny show in such an effortless manner, my jaw just dropped. I should have known that this group of kiddos were going to be my best and brightest! We have started utilizing our planners, and have dove into curriculum at a steady pace. Just a quick breakdown:


8:30-9:35 MATH


9:55-10:50 SPECIALS

10:50-12:30 ELAR

12:30-1:30 LUNCH/RECESS

1:30-1:40 READ ALOUD (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing)



Math: Place Value to the hundred millions, and will transition to billions and decimals

Reading/Writing: "Where is the best place for a class trip?" as well as nouns and main idea

Social Studies: The kids have been hard at work researching a region of Texas and they will teach it to us on Friday!

Science: Starts next week!

If you haven't already heard from our kids, we have split them up during their math instruction in order to meet their needs based on certain skills. This will allow us to provide the most effective and productive instruction to every student while meeting their needs and building their math prowess. So far, the kids have loved it! They get to be in class with their other 4th grade families, get a quick reprieve from their normal everyday routine, and allows them to all find success.

Let me tell you it has been such a treat to be with your kids everyday and as crazy as it may sound, I will miss seeing their faces on Monday! I do hope that you all enjoy your holiday weekend with your families and friends and find some time to enjoy one another. I hope that your kids are happy here in 4E and if at any point they are not, please let me know and I will move mountains to make them smile! Thank you again for all you do, you are the true heroes, and I am just so happy to take on this adventure with our learners and their loved ones!!!!

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