Usher Syndrome

By: Omar Ahmad

About Usher Syndrome

Usher Syndrome is a common disease that affects both hearing and seeing. There are 3 types of Usher Syndrome which are type 1, type 2, and type 3. Type 1 is where children are deaf at birth, decreased night vision before the age of 10 and have severe balance problems.Type 2 is moderate to severe, decreased night vision begins during late childhood and teens. Type 3 is normal hearing at birth, night vision begins at teens, and normal balance. Type 1and type 2 both are 90-95 % for many cases for children that were affected. 3-6 percent of children are deaf and the other 3-6 are hard at hearing. Usher Syndrome is inherited by their parents to their children through genes.


There is no cure for Usher Syndtrome but there are clinical treatments such as nutrition and cell technologies. The best way is to identify the disorder as early as possible and begin educational treatments. This helps reduce the learning problems and communicating with others.