Rain - Forest Adventure

Brazil, Florida and Caribbean

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The beginning of our beautiful journey starts at the gorgeous and beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Here we will do amazing activities and go to the coolest places in Florida that are experiences of life times like how we watched a Pittsburgh Penguins game and a Miami Heat game. We also went to the Kennedy Space Center to look at space ships and even things that went into outer space. Finally, after a long wait we set sail on our fabulous Caribbean adventure.

Labadee, Haiti

I got the chance to swim in the clear blue ocean and also chill on the crisp white beaches of Labadee. There was so much to do like snorkeling, scuba diving and even to just have a good time on the beach. I also broke my fear of heights and got to zip line from the very high tree tops to a canopy below. All together I did some very fun and amazing activities in Labadee and it was one of the biggest highlights of my trip.

Falmouth, Jamaica

Here we see many famous things that are iconic landmarks that attract lots of tourists. We visited the Falmouth Court house and we also took long nice strolls on the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At the end of our lovely cruise we went to Rio de Janeiro and saw an AMAZING, jaw dropping land mark which was the Christ the Redeemer; something that was a great experience for me because I have only seen it in pictures or in movies. The whole statue is much more beautiful in real life and is something I will never forget. Next to the land mark we went to see another activity that is really close to the Brazilians; a FIFA world Cup Soccer Match. I my self have never seen another team outside of Toronto play in action so this was a whole new experience and it allowed me to see and feel what soccer is like in the rest of the world.

Our Schedule

April 23: We depart Toronto by flight and arrive at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

April 24: We watch a Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game

April 26:We arrive in Labadee, Hati

April 28: We arrive in Falmouth, Jamacia

April 29: We are arrive in Cozumel, Mexico

May 1: We arrive back at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

May 2: We watch a Miami Heat game

May 3: We go on the same cruise again (same docks)

May 10: We return back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

May 11: We fly from Fort Lauderdale to Brazil

May 12: We watch the FIFA World Cup (Argentina vs. Brazil)

May 13: We fly back to brampton, to our homes