Afghanistan Music and Instruments

By: Alex Winters, Katie Kleeberger, & Cody Stallings

Cultural Influence

In Afghanistan, cultural ties and beliefs are passed down through song. In the recent years, due to the war and conflict, the most recent generation has been deprived of knowledge found in these songs.

Traditional Music

Traditional Music in Afghanistan reflects the views of the people and of the culture. Afghanistan has many cultural influences, and the music of their country reflects this diversity. Afghanistan has been influenced by war, and the war group the Taliban has oppressed the Afghan people. The Taliban took away the independence of the Afghan people by alienating them and keeping them away from influential resources such as music.

Modern Day Music

Afghan music has modern-day styles as well as traditional. Much like the rest of the world they have westernized, so their music and music videos are similar to ours today.

The Rubab

The Rubab is used in traditional or folklore musical genres. This instrument was invented by the Afghan people and sounds much like a guitar.

The Tabla

This instrument is used to create beats, or to set the rhythm of a song. This instrument resembles a drum, and is usually made of goatskin with a hollow center. The Tabla can be given many different pitches.