The Holocaust

Bergen Belsen


Bergen Belsen was established by the Germans in the 1940 just south of the towns of Bergen and Belsen. On April of 1945 Bergen Belsen was liberated by the British and 60,000 prisoners before moving further into Germany. Bergen Belsen was composed other camps like a residence camp that housed Jews called Austauschjudea. The main purpose of Bergen Belsen being a concetration camp was to house Jews. Bergen Belsen was divided into 8 sections, a detention camp, 2 womens camps, a special camp, neautrals camp, star camp, Hangarian camp, and a tent camp.
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Total Died Bodies

In May 1943-April 15, 1945 between 36,000 and 37,000 prisoners died at Bergen Belsen. Before its liberation 50,000 prisoners died in Bergen Belsen including Anne Frank and Margot, both who died in March of 1945.

Joset kramer

Joset Kramer was the commandant of Auschwits before he became the commandenat of Bergen belsen. When the Allied forces liberated the camp at the end of WWII, they discovered 13,000 died bodies not buried.

Why Bergen Belsen was so notorious for Jews

10,000 Jews from Auschwitz and all over the east were sent to Bergen Belsen. Many people died each night from, starvation, thirst, and disease. When they died there bodies were just dumped outside the homes.

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