May 2016

Committees: Please plan to meet two times before June.

As you meet answer the following questions and put in the HSG folder.

  1. What has the committee accomplished so far?
  2. What has the committee done well?
  3. How can the committee become more efficient moving forward?
  4. How can the committee further develop the work that has already been started?
  5. What are some short/long term goals for the committee?

For Your Consideration...

Take the Summer Survey ASAP

As we begin to welcome new STFs in the coming months:

  1. What are some things that you wish you had known as a new STF?
  2. How can current fellows support new fellows?
  3. How can we create better systems for new fellows to engage in the work faster?

Share your thoughts on the Facebook page!

Teacher Engagement

ALL STFs DO NOW: Register for KEA TALK Conference, happening in Northern KY before the HSG Summer Convening, same location. Invite your PLN to attend!

Upcoming Events:

Activating Teacher Leadership Institute: Convene a group of 3-5 in your district to implement a plan to maximize teacher resources to impact student achievement. Application Due May 18.

ESSA Webinar May 25

Nominations are open for Valvoline KY TOY, due May 15.

KEA Talk Conference June 13-14

Ed Camp Kentucky July 21

Suggestion of the Week: Ask a teacher in your building to write with you!


ALL STFs DO NOW: Visit, give feedback and push out the KYEdPolicy website. Contact Cassie or Tiffany with ideas & comments.

Upcoming Events: This summer we'll be doing a redesign of What would you like to see added/enhanced on

Suggestion of the Week: Let us know if you can attend the Joint Committee Meeting on July 11 as a big group with HSG.

Social Media

Upcoming Events:

Weekly chats

#ECET2 - Sundays at 8pm ET

#kyedchat - Thursdays at 8pm EST

#kyadmin - Mondays at 7pm EST

Chats of Interest

#t2tchat - slow chat with a single topic that runs each week (national, Lyndsay Nottingham from Boone County is a co-moderator)

Suggestion of the Week:

Editorial Board

ALL STFs DO NOW: Share the writing prompt with PLN (email, tweet, FB, etc.)

Respond to the writing prompt.

Upcoming Events: We're always looking for blog posts! See Brad's Bits for ideas on writing!

Suggestion of the Week: Check out the articles on "Classroom Connections" in the Courier Journal. The next one comes out at the end of this month! Students can write too; think of one and ask them to consider writing! Let Sarah Yost know if you're interested!

STF Snapshot...

Check out the AWESOME writing that has been happening:

Angela Gunter

Joe Payne

Good thoughts go out to MeMe after surgery!

Director's Bits...

Things you can write about:
  • your students, your practice,
  • a great idea that you have observed,
  • running focus groups and what you have learned by doing so,
  • a retrospective on what your professional growth has looked like this year,
  • anything related to the KYTLF,
  • excitement about upcoming professional learning,
  • a new accountability system and ESSA,
  • the Pruitt town halls, building relationships with policy makers,
  • presenting the fall data to co-ops,
  • zooming in on a piece of the fall data and what that might mean for teachers in your area.
  • You can write about anything from your experience or observations, but I need you to write if you have not done so.

Start planning for the summer convening! Hope to see you at all the events!