Fallen Angels

by Walter Dean Myers

Presented by Chris Williams
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Young Richie Perry graduate high school with honers just to find out that he is too poor to go to college. Tired of Harlem he decides on a direction for his life one that involves the country of Vietnam. When Perry gets to Vietnam he learns that he will not be on the front lines, but will that be enough to keep him alive?
“You are not in Disneyland,” he said. “The little people you see running around over here are not Mouseketeers. Some of them are friendly, and some of them have a strong desire to kill you. If you remember that, and manage to kill them before they kill you, then you have a good chance of getting through your year of service here.” -Fallen Angels page 21 paragraph 7

58,123 american soldiers and 1,011,000 north Vietnamese troops were killed in the bloody struggle?

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  • Coretta Scott King Award for Author (1991)
  • Margaret A. Edwards Award (Walter Dean Myers, 2004)
  • South Carolina Book Award (1991)
  • Parents’ Choice Award (1988)
  • Keystone Award
  • Charlotte Award

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Walter Dean Myers discusses Fallen Angels