Camden County High School

Weekly Update-Volume VIII Issue 4

Accountability Results

State accountability results were released on Thursday and as you may know CCHS maintained a B for a School Performance Grade. We also met expected growth. We have actually met or exceeded growth for the past seven years. This is a result of great students coupled with the hard work of amazing teachers! Great Job!

Bruin Success

Bruin Success will officially begin tomorrow. Students who have a 74 or below average in your classes should attend tutoring. Please take a look at the duty schedule to ensure that we have the gym covered.

Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook can be found in Canvas. Please review this before the start of school. The Staff Canvas page also contains videos and step by step instructions for Educator's Handbook, Aesop, Travel Tracker, etc...

Athletic Duty Sign-Up Sheet

Coach Harnly has placed a sign-up sheet in the teacher’s lounge for athletic gate duty. We ask that you please sign up for three days of duty for the school year. Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Pacing Guides

Your pacing guides need to be completed by September 15. The pacing guides will be added to your Canvas so that parents and students have access to them. If you are teaching a subject that someone else is teaching, the same pacing guide should be used.

Emergency Lesson Plans

Emergency lesson plans are to be added to your Canvas before the start of school. These plans should contain your daily schedule, class rolls and seating charts, lesson plans with instructional activities relevant to the course objectives that could be used at any time and that cover three days.

Duty for the Week

First Lunch- McGee/Thornton

Second Lunch-Conover/Williams

Bruin Success

  • Monday-Ramsey/Kutchenriter
  • Tuesday-Lassiter/Bonney
  • Wednesday-Simmons/Broyles
  • Thursday-Berkoben/Duncan


  • Lobby-Ramsey
  • Front Parking Lot-Blood
  • Lobby- Bonney
  • Front Parking Lot- Freeman
  • Back Parking Lot- Moss

What's Happening This Week:

September 11, 2017

Soccer @ Edenton

Home Volleyball vs. Edenton

September 12, 2017

Volleyball @ Gates

September 13, 2017

Cross Country Meet @ Gates

Home Soccer vs. Manteo

September 14, 2017

Board of Education Meeting

Volleyball @ Edenton

September 15, 2017

Berry Out-Raleigh

Football @ Riverside

What's Happening Next Week:

September 18, 2017

CCHS Staff Meeting-3:20

Soccer @ Hatteras

September 19, 2017

Benefits Meeting-3:15 in the Media Center

Home Volleyball vs. Manteo

September 20, 2017

Home Volleyball vs. Currituck

Cross Country @ Manteo

Soccer @ Perquimans

September 21, 2017

Home Volleyball vs. Plymouth

September 22, 2017

Underclassmen Pictures

Football @ First Flight

September 23, 2017

JLP Fundraiser

Camden County High School


Camden County High School offers diverse opportunities for all students to strive for success.


All students at Camden County High School are provided with multiple avenues to prepare for their future. The diverse Career and Technical Education, Advanced Placement, and college course offerings as well as the Coast Guard Junior Leadership Program equip students with the skills necessary to plan for their future. Our numerous club opportunities, athletics, art programs, and our nurturing environment encourage students to strive for success.

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