The Unexpected

A Personal Narrative By Mariah Davis

It was like any other day. I got on the bus and joked around with my friends,like any other day. The bus made a sharp turn, but nothing happened because I was holding onto my seat for dear life. Than I try to be more adventurous after that. So now i'm joking around with my friends, but i'm not holding on to my seat anymore. The bus makes another unexpected sharp turn. I start to feel myself slipping off the seat, so i try to grab on to the seat....but it's already to late. All I saw was my phone flying in the air above me, and than a big THUD as I landed on the floor, than a few seconds later a smaller THUD, as my phone dropped on the floor next to me. I lay there for a few moments in shock. Than I get up in embarrassment, pick up my phone, and start to laugh, my friends laugh with me. Now I know that when I get on the bus, I should always hold onto my seat.