Arkansas Between The Wars

By: Dillon Bailey

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Baseball Is A "HIT" In Arkansas

Baseball Begins In AR:

  • Baseball was becoming a very popular sport.
  • Many people joined local teams.
  • This led to playing professionally for very few.
  • "Ringers" were what people called retired professional players who were on a local team.
  • Arkansas hosted several different Professional teams when they came in for Spring Training.
About the Little Rock Travelers:

  • The Little Rock Travelers began as a minor league team who later changed their name to the Arkansas Travelers.
  • The Arkansas Travelers had 5 players go in to the National Baseball hall of Fame.

Growing Violence

Bonnie and Clyde: (Left)

  • Bonnie and Clyde along with their group known as the "Barrow Gang" make a stop in Arkansas.
  • Their crimes include of murder, theft, and kidnapping.
  • The gang was low on cash, so they looked for a way to obtain these funds.
  • After robbing a grocery market they encountered Alma Marshal Henry D. Humphrey.
  • Shots were fired and Humphrey was shot in the chest.
  • He later died in a hospital.
Ku Klux Klan Return: (Middle)

  • The KKK stood for white superiority.
  • They were a two face group who acted like they stood for moral standards.
  • They really stood for violence and promoted hatred
  • One female from Little Rock served as a leader for the KKK
Elaine Massacre: (Right)

  • Bloodiest racial conflict in Arkansas and maybe even in history.
  • Five white people lost their lives compared to the hundreds of African Americans who lost their lives.
  • As the African Americans were attending a meeting a shoot out broke out leading to the riot in which blood spread everywhere.
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Flood of 1927

Arkansas received the most damage form the flood. The Many counties in the state were buried up to 30 feet deep in water. For safety people and animals would climb trees and wait on the rescue from The Red Cross. Without The Red Cross, the outcome would not have. They helped in so many ways to keep the people safe. Not only did the Flood threaten people's safety, but disease and sickness harmed people as well. Many people left the state because of the poor conditions.

The New Deal

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt became president and issued the "New Deal"
  • This created organizations that helped provide food for people
  • It provided jobs for people without them
  • It helped people build and maintain a steady life and economy
  • People supported this all over the nation, and it had a big impact on people's lives.
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Oil & Boom Towns

  • El Dorado was the location of the first oil discovery in Arkansas
  • The oil boom brought tourists and other people looking for work into Arkansas
  • Another town called Smackover also experienced a discovery of what they call "Black Gold"
  • That same town went from a population of 131 to 25,00 in less then a year.
  • The oil boom died down towards the end of the decade.
  • The southern part of Arkansas sees the oil production as an important part of their economy.