Up and about Snowboarding

Tricks, downhill, fluffy snow! who doesn't like it. Snowboarding is a amazing sport with much potential. Snowboarding was an invention made in the 1960’s and became very popular thru the years and made its way in the olympics for men and woman. And next you will learn about the history, how it was invented, and the boards!

History of Snowboarding

You got to know when snowboarding started, well it started or first seen in the 1960’s when people are trying to find a new winter sport to do. And snowboarding was found by surfers skateboarders and companies found it a great product to make. Soon snowboarding began to become popular and were invading ski hills in the 1970’s and skiers were furious and wanted snowboarders off “their” hills. Soon the ISF formed 7 years later and the FIS introduced snowboarding discipline in 1994, and after the FIS introduced snowboarding discipline the FIS shows snowboarding to the Olympic winter games. Snowboarding became really popular and the made Men and Womens snowboarding worked its way to the Nagano games in 1998 with halfpipe competitions. Soon enough Discipline proved and success, and headed to Salt lake city 4 years later with parallel giant slalom and halfpipe competitions. And also In Turin, snowboard cross also made its great appearance. In this event four riders race across a course scattered with jumps, bumps and huge turns.

How it was invented

There was many inventions for snowboarding but here are some good ones. When the snowboard was invented it was a plank of plywood with horse reins for boots. He tried his invention downhill and of course falling a lot he called it a ski board. That was the first idea and this kid was dang smart so you hear a boy in california was obsessed with skateboarding and wanted to do it 365 days a year so he made it out of a rounded plank of pine with a nose kick in the front and carpet on top to supply the much needed traction. Not so bad for a 8th grader. so But Sherman Popper wanted to get his kids outside on a cold winter day so he made a snufer its two kids ski’s bolted together and a rope to hold on. In the next couple months every kid on the block wanted to have a snufer.

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The Boards

There is no snowboarding without the board and of corse you you need to know what they are made out of so here are some materials What its made out of is Topsheet with printed graphic, Fiberglass or epoxy, Wood or foam core, Steel inserts, Plastic base, (p-tex) Metal edges, Resin System (glue)Rubber Foil. And there is many types of boards i could tell you about but i will tell you the ones i know There are 2 types of snowboards the capped snowboard the top sheet curves down to the metal edge. The second is the traditional sandwich construction, you're able to tell by its side edges. And another one i know is A Freestyle Snowboard is wider, more stable, and more forgiving to ride. Also, it is shorter, lighter and (compared with a freeride board) softer in flex, which makes it easier to turn. These characteristics make a freestyle board very responsive to the rider. Consequently, it is the best choice for the beginner.

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The tricks the fluffy snow and you know that its great for snowboarding and yes, the board was invented in the 1960’s and now it went to success and there is men and women olympics halfpipe and more. This is the race across a course scattered with jumps, bumps and huge turns for all snowboarders. And something you might just need to know We all started snowboarding in the beginning as a family just to be closer together, go on trips. It was our soccer, but instead of Dad yelling at me from the sideline he is there riding with me and hitting the jumps even before I am hitting them, Shuan White.