Combating the social problems of the day one step at a time


During the 1820s to the 1830s changes through out the entire United States started to arise from the Second Great Awakening there were five main ones that will be introduced to you today.

5 main Reformations



-Woman's Rights



Most known Temperance Reform leader(s)

John Bartholomew Gough

-Gough was one of the first people/preachers in the reform era where they started to state the drinking was a sin which started a reform era, also some other notable figures like Susan B. Anthony, Frances E. Willard and Carry A. Nation were reform leaders.

Education Refrom leaders

Eduactional refromation

some of the main key points about the education reform is that they wanted to improve public schools , that their shouldn't be any attendance requirement, and that they should not be divided by grades, one of the most known reform leaders was Horace Mann.

Womans Rights leaders and reformation

Facts about the movement

Women in this time wanted abolition so they can be allowed to have a higher education and in the 1800's they had that movement to do so, also Oberlin College became the first school to be a co-ed institution. Some of the most known leaders of this movement were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
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Abolition movement

Abolition Movement

The abolition movement was started so that slavery would be abolished there were many leaders who called an immediate emancipation of all slavery. The most know leaders of this movement were Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas who was a slave himself at one time he was also the owner of a newspaper called the north star.
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Prison reformation

Prison Reformation

the main purpose of the prison reformation was that the gov't could help those who are mentally all and those who were actual criminals to be separated because of the harm and miss caring of those who were actually mentally ill. some of the things that people wanted is to have different facilities for the different types of people and better care for them. One of the most important prison leaders of this reform movement was Dorthea Dix who wanted to help those in prison who were mentally ill .