Bobby has a job at a diner. He decides to quit without a 2 weeks notice or any clarifications that he would be leaving.


Bobby frequently asks for financial help from His parents. He cannot hold a job and depends on others. He lives at home but cannot for long as a baby is on a way so Bobby is trying to figure out a way to become self-reliant before his presence is a bother.


He left school to focus on his dream of being a musician. He left his family and home behind to try and pursue this career as a entertainer. Even when he came home he longed and thought to try and continue his old dream of playing in a band.


He worried about his psrents when he went to go audition and worried about how his dad would get yo work


Bobby went through his whole education and never made action to change his reading ability. He thought he could go through life without having a good grasp on reading. Somehow he never thought that it would be terrible to perform everyday activities without the ability to read fluently.
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Bobby is musically inclined and can play instruments and perform. He was in a band and is now pursuing a music career.
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Bobby also works well with cars and tools so he is much like a mechanic. Bobby is the main helper to his father while his father fixes a corvette.
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Bobby has a learning disability, but so ironically he is a stellar athlete and played on the varsity football team when he was in high-school.He used his athletic ability and carefree nature to avoid the issue of his reading.
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Bobby is charming and popular in his hometown. Many locals like him and He has gone out with many girls during his education career. Bobby uses is charm to get out of school and hopefully dive into the music industry.
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Bobby is not the best brother to Scott Hudson. Though Scott knows that Bobby cares about him and Scott holds Bobby's opinion highly. That is shown when Scott asks Bobby to read his article.