Updates, world events, and acknowledgements from your LCP :)



Dom (MCP) and Adry (MCPe + MCVPoGT) are currently in Morocco at IPM (International Presidents Meeting) and will be out of the office for a while. In the meantime, Natalie is acting as Proxy MCP! For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, IPM is the conference where all the MCPs come together (all the global MCP elects are there as well - which is why Adry is out of office). It’s basically like global NPM. At the conference, they will learn about strategies for 2020, collaborate together in the innovation of AIESEC moving forward, and get their share of networking in to build relationships and partnerships!


The MC has changed their minds again on having an EB track at NPM. There will officially NOT be an EB track at spring NPM but they are looking into other ways that would allow them to deliver an additional touch point with all VP's this spring.

The official dates of Spring NPM are April 1st to 3rd in Charlotte, North Carolina. I will be with the National Guard and am unable to attend. Applications to Proxy in my place at NPM are now open! All TL's (LCP+VP's+TL's) are able to apply. If you have any slight interest in one day taking my place, I would greatly recommend going! The Application is open until 11:59PM Saturday, 13 FEB 2016. Apply here:


The MC has initiated competition and we are losing (Something I do not tolerate). We are in competition and currently have a score of 29 points. Points are gathered from having people applied and accepted (OGX+MKT) or for Sales meetings + Opens on Expa (iGT+iGC). We can be 1st in the US for MKT but if our LC is behind we are all behind!!! :) If you are even slightly competitive (basically our whole LC is..) you'll want to get this shit done! Check out the national scoreboard here:

MC Updates On Each Function!


  • We have LOTS of Opens and Applied on EXPA right now - make sure your teams are contacting EPs as quickly as possible - we have no time to waste!


  • It's one week into February and we're already beating last year's matched and realized numbers! Keep up the awesome work MoGC Nation.
  • Make sure you finish cleaning your winter pipeline, are nurturing your Open and Application leads on EXPA, have your 2-3 IR focuses picked for summer peak, and are on that synergy grind.


  • February is key time to generate leads and keep up sales activity so that you can sign your contracts and start sourcing in time for the summer OGX peak with the highest volume of EPs!
  • Every iGT member should be an active seller by the end of the month (one meeting per member per week - minimum)!


  • Every member should go on at least one meeting per week.
  • Teams need to be following up and closing with all open leads.
  • If you have open TNs focus on interviewing to match.


  • This week, your VPs should be focused on finalizing and beginning implementation of promotion strategy!
  • They should be submitting content to the AIESEC US Blog. If they haven't, find out why! It is a big reason why App State had 63 applied on OP in January. It works!


  • Apply to the National Support Fund!
  • Contact Samson if you would like to set up a consultancy call with him and your VPF to work out how to track strategic investments.


  • Start implementing and tracking team standards with the new tracker!
  • TM teams should begin developing strategic learning and development strategies using the tool in the most recent TM newsletter and encourage EBs to work with VP TMs to create functional tools.