Chaurus Jr.

Simran Bains

Say Hello to Your New Planet!

Chaurus Jr. is much different from your plain, boring old Earth. For starters, Chaurus Jr.'s diameter alone is 50-200% greater than that of Earth.The gravity here is only .0039167241N. so it's a bit different, but not by much. And no more needing to look in the night sky and seeing the same old moon- thankfully, Chaurus Jr. doesn't have any moons! Get ready for tanning season because here we are only 6.8 MILLION miles away from our host star (Sun)! No one has to wait a whole antagonizing 365 days for their birthday anymore, on Chaurus Jr., a year is only 13 days long! And no need to jump on board just yet, Chaurus Jr. is only 20.3 Light Years away! Just go to your nearest boarding station and wait to be frozen until arrival at Chaurus Jr. We look forward to seeing you here!
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