culture project

Madison Graffin

My family's traditions

~Every year on Christmas Eve my family goes to my Aunt and Uncles house in Waterford and we celebrate Christmas with all of my cousins. With my Uncles 4-wheeler, we attach a huge sled to the back, and all of my cousins and I get pulled around sometimes we will fall off, one time the sled broke and we all went flying. After that we go inside and we decorate Christmas cookies and open presents. We also go camping every summer with them

~When school is over my Family goes to Georgia. Most of my Dads side and all of my Moms side live there.

~Each year before school we go to Wisconsin Dells


My family values education. We always make sure we all of our school work done before we have fun.

Trustworthiness- if you want to be trusted you have to tell the thuth


My family is Lutheran, we go the Hales Corners church. We go to church on Christmas Eve and Easter


My sister is very involved with music. She plays clarinet in her school band and she takes singing lessons. She also is very crafty she loves making stuff out of clay and drawing.

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We love going to the Dells, We also go to Georgia and Florida often. My family is very involved in sports My sister and I do track and my brother is in football