ABOUT ME!!!!!!

By: Jonathan Gubser

Things i like and like to do

  • My favorite period is science,but if lunch were a period that would be my favorite.
  • My favorite sports are golf and karate.
  • I like to do outdoor things like hiking,camping,fishing,hunting,and,kayaking.
  • I like animals
  • My favorite color is orange
  • My favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • I love playing the trumpet.
  • I like listening to vinyls.
  • I like to go on road trips and to travel to different places.

My family

  • My family always seems to constantly stay busy.
  • My brother is currently on the Nimitz drumline but used to be on the cross country,track,and wrestling team.
  • My dad is a sheet metal coordinator.
  • My mom is an elementary teacher in irving.

Inspirational video

This gets me pumped!
Tyler Weaver - Be Awesome | HYPER MARTIAL ARTS