Priceless Learning

Mrs. Price's First Grade

March 18, 2016

  • Thursday, March 24th: Report Cards go home.

  • March 25th - April 1st: Spring Break!

  • Wednesday, April 13th and Thursday, April 14th: Spring Conferences-A Sign Up Genius Invite was sent out this morning to sign up for a time slot.

  • Next Star Student (1st week back from break): Ana!

Have a great weekend!

-Kate Price

Elisabeth reading, Wacky Wednesday, to the class!

Glimpses of Priceless Learning

This week, we continued to work through our solids and liquids unit. The students got to explore different, mysterious liquids found around the house! They had to work together as a team to decide what they thought each liquid was and write down two properties for each liquid. Today they will found out what each liquid really is!
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