Team 300

Financial Freedom for all

A group of like minded people working together towards Financial Freedom for all.

Our group works in such a way , that no matter where you come from , where you fall in the system, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Your financial freedom is our priority. We all work together through a Pay It Forward system to help get everyone involved in programs to benefit the whole group , rather than just the leaders. One of our awesome freedom maker programs is Sizzle Zing, which pays out $7746 repeatedly.

How does Team 300 work ?

Team 300 is a faith based team that works towards getting everyone in the team towards financial freedom. We work with a system called " Pay It Forward", (PIF) . Basically it means that we help you get into the Sizzle Zing .

It starts with you paying $26 to get into the (PIF) program . Once you are in Sizzle Zing, you then "pay it forward " with $26 for other people behind you.

By doing this you actually pay for your $330 that was paid for you to get into Sizzle Zing.

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For those who want to take the plunge

We also have an option for those people who can pay the $330, straight up. If you feel you can get into the Sizzle Zing program this way , by all mean do so and click on the Join Now below .

SizzleZING Pre-Launch

Contact me now for more information and we can get started onto Financial Freedom