Mrs. Jump's Newsletter

First Grade 2015-2016

Note From the Teacher

This was wonderful week in first grade. We explored finding the problem & solution in stories we read. These boys and girls never cease to amaze me with their talent. They are doing a wonderful job at determining the problem and solution in stories. We also spent time building reading stamina and practicing our literacy stations. In Writing we began our unit on writing personal narratives. We will spend a few weeks learning the

components of writing these. In math we finished up unit 1 and took our unit 1 post test today. In Science we continued force and motion and had fun building boats and floating them to see what motion the pushes and pulls cause. We had such a BLAST!

Class Calendar

Upcoming Explorations


Problem and Solutions in stories


Story Narratives (small moment stories)


Using Addition in story problems


Force & Motion

Next Week Word Work Words

sad, dad, pad,

nap, cap, lap,

rag, wag, bag,

clap, snag

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