EOY Procedures

Final Newsletter of the Year for Grantham Academy

End of Year Technology Procedures

Leaving Aldine?

If you're retiring or have found employment outside of Aldine for next year please turn in your badge before you go! If you are remaining in the district you need to hold on to your badge, it is what you will use to get into the Bamberg Building for any Summer PD you attend. Remember, once your resignation date hits, the HR system is set to automatically disable your account and Tech Services cannot recover the files after that. Here is how to use Google Takeout.

Online Required Training to be completed by August

ALL TEACHERS MUST complete the Required Online Trainings. The different sections have various due dates, but you can find them all HERE.

Backup your documents

ALL STAFF Computers will be reimaged and updated to Windows 10 this summer, you WILL be losing any material saved to your computer. If you want to keep your work you will need to either back up your work to Google Drive or to your U: Drive/Aldine Cloud.

Technology Checklist

In order to get checked out 5/31 you will need to:

1. Complete the Technology EOY Form. You need to complete this form BEFORE YOU TAKE APART YOUR WORKSTATION!!!

  • The form is attached to a script that will generate a PDF that you will receive in your email from a No-Reply Address. Print this and your chromebook/ipad google sheet so you can check out for the year.
2. Update your challenge questions. if this isn't done Tech Services will not be able to reset your password should you forget over the summer.
  • Go to https://cloud.aldineisd.org (or Employees - Applications - Service Console)

  • Log in

  • Go to AISD Apps on the bottom

  • Click on Access Request Management System

  • Log in again

  • At this point, the challenge questions should automatically pop up (or click on the Update Challenge Responses button)

Use this video if you need help with this process.

*if you are having issues with a flashing screen on Chrome, simply try another browser (ex. firefox)*

3. Store and Label your teacher workstation.

  • Place your teacher workstation in the designated location with a clear label of its location. If a key is required to access your workstation be sure somebody on campus has that key.

4. Student devices are locked/stored/labeled.

  • Place your devices/carts in the designated location with a clear label of its location. If a key or combination is required to access your workstation be sure somebody on campus has that.
  • Attach the Inventory Google Sheet you received in your email to the cart.

5. Leave the Promethean NUC ON.

  • Your Promethean NUC (small computer on the back) will need to remain ON over the summer. Tech services will be pushing out updates remotely. You may power off the screen (front button).

Old/Unwanted Technology

If you have broken, old, or unwanted technology in your classroom or office let your admin team know so the equipment can be property transferred off campus. Don't wait until we come back to school to get rid of unwanted equipment!

*Items such as old cables, cords, and broken mice can just be thrown away*

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