Egypt Times

By Lexi Per. 7


Ramses ll have finaly died. He will be mummified and will be going to the after- life soon. He have out-lived 12 of his sons and Merenptah have finally made it to the throne and is probably not going to be pharaoh for a long time. He is already 57 years old.
The people of Egypt have finally found out what killed King Tutankhamun. He was killed in a chariot accident. He hit his knee on a rock and got a cut. Then, the cut got infected.


The new fashion (only for the Kings/Queens/Royal Family/Rich People) is to die your cloths. The new fashion for the commoners is (for kids) to shave your head with a braid. Also for the commoners (adults) to where your hair up.


Available jobs !


Pays: 2 shekels

Hours: Sunrise- Sunset

Servant for the king:

Pays: wine, beer and other foods

Hours: every day, all day, live with the King/Queen

Call: 555-345-1938 for more info


All the taxes are due for the king from everyone in a month so start saving!

Crime Time

The man who poisoned his wife is now getting put to death in about a month but until then he will be put in a room with no windows.

Opinion- Afterlife

I am planing on a great after life where I will be the boss of everything and will be the pharaoh -Juenicar F.
When I go to the after-life I will have all of the riches of Egypt and be the richest man alive

-Marfinicarl L.

In my after-life I will have my family and friends and I will have lots of rights. - Unnamed Slave.

New And Improved Shops

Egyptian Cuisine

Hours: 3:00- 9:00

Clothes, Hair, & More!

Hours: 10:00- 5:00


Doctor Cares is trying to make a drink that will let you live forever and have failed many times. I would rather go to the afterlife.

Things For Sale