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It's time to audition for the Spring Musical - Hello, Dolly!

Auditions are Wednesday, January 20 or Thursday, January 21 at 3:15 in the theatre. Call backs are Friday, January 22 at 3:15 in the theatre. The cast list will be posted outside Mr. G's room, in the afternoon, on January 25. All cast and crew must initial by their name to accept their role.

Audition Pieces:

Sign up for audition days on Mr. G's classroom (Room 130 by the cafeteria). This will be posted starting January 5.

Please prepare 16 bars of a song, in the style of Hello, Dolly! You must have sheet music (see Mr. Hayne or Mr. G for selections) or an accompaniment track.

However, the following songs are not allowed to be used: (Ladies) anything from Hello, Dolly!, "On My Own", "Think of Me", "Suddenly Seymour", "Popular" & "Don't Rain on My Parade"/ (Guys) "Mr. Cellophane", "Maira", "Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'".

Please wear comfortable/movable (school appropriate) clothing for the dance audition process. No barefeet are allowed on the stage.

Prepare 45 seconds to 1 minute of a monologue of your choice. Please do not do a monologue from the show. You will state your name, the show title and character from the show before you recite on the stage. It must be memorized.

Each actor will go through a cold read and tableaux work on the stage.

If you are interested in ONLY working backstage or with PR, please see Mr. G, prior to auditions.

The process will go as follows:

1. Fill out an audition sheet in the auditorium. Numbers for auditions will be assigned then. Show up (ONLY) for the day you signed up to audition.

2. A Head Shot will be taken for casting purposes. Once it is completed, please sit in the auditorium for instructions.

3. Vocal group warmup and individual singing auditions will take place in the chorus room. You will be given your starting note, and one measure before you come in (if you are using sheet music). If you are using a track, you will simply give us the signal to push play. Every actor only gets one chance to sing. You will not be able to start over.

4. Dance auditions - You will be taught 32 counts of movement from Hello, Dolly!. You will rehearse in lines, so everyone will get a chance to be on the front line. Once the number has been taught, you will get two chances to complete the counts.

5. Monologues - you can only do them once. If you mess up, keep going.

6. cold reads/tableaux - determined at auditions by the director.

Call Backs (Fri. Jan 22) may require group/individual singing and character readings. If you are needed for a callback, your name will be announced on the intercom at school and a list will also be posted on the door of Room 130 (Mr. G's Room).

You must be complete an audition sheet before the process begins on either Wednesday or Thursday The table will be set up in the entrance of the theatre to complete the paperwork.

The audition process will last from 3:15 - 6 pm daily. All students MUST attend the entire audition process to be considered for a role.

A parent meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 26 at 6:15 in the auditorium. All students involved (crew & cast) will need to attend with a parent/guardian.

If you are interested in playing in the pit, please see Mr. Smith, Band Director. (His classroom is located in the Fine Arts Center).

If you would like to help with the set design and painting of the set, please see Mrs. Briden, Visual Arts Teacher. (The art room is located in the hallway before the guidance office).

All casting decisions are final. Please respect the artistic team's decisions. The fine arts faculty will hold the auditions (Mr. Goodson, Mr. Haynie, Mrs. Briden & Mr. Smith).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Robert Reid Goodson, Theatre Director at robert.goodson@bcsemail.org

This show is open to ALL students who attend AC Reynolds! Best wishes to the students auditioning!

Casting for Hello, Dolly!

Large Cast Needed


(5 female; 4 male)

Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi — an indefatigable meddling matchmaker; a widow in her middle years
Mrs. Irene Molloy — a millineress with a hat shop near 14th Street in New York City
Minnie Fay — a young girl who works in Irene’s Shop
Ernestina — a heavy-set girl in need of Mrs. Levi’s services
Ermengarde — the 17-year-old niece of Horace Vandergelder
Horace Vandergelder — proprietor of a hay and feed store in Yonkers, NY and a client of Mrs. Levi’s
Cornelius Hackl — Vandergelder’s chief clerk, 33 years old
Barnaby Tucker — an assistant to Cornelius, 17 years old
Ambrose Kemper — a young artist seeking to marry Ermengarde

Supporting (from the Chorus)

Mrs. Rose — sells vegetables from a street cart, a friend of Mrs. Levi’s from years before
Coachman — non-speaking
Horse — two chorus/dancers
Rudolph Reisenweber — the Prussian major-domo of the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant
Stanley — a young waiter
Fritz, Harry, Louie, Danny, Manny and Hank — Harmonia Gardens waiters; non-speaking chorus/dancers
First Cook — Harmonia Gardens employee with a German accent
Second Cook — Harmonia Gardens employee
Judge — white-whiskered, red-nosed, New York night court
Policemen — several New York City officers; only one speaking
Court Clerk (Recorder) — male chorus member
Paperhanger — non-speaking


Two Divas - One Stage

Carol Channing made the Broadway stage version her iconic role. And Barbara Streisand made the movie musical unforgettable. Both ladies took this role and made it their own! Enjoy clips of their performance below.

Carol Channing


Barbara Streisand


Brief History

HELLO, DOLLY! played for 2844 performances on Broadway at the St. James Theatre with Carol Channing in the title role. At the time it was the longest playing Broadway musical. The London production played for 794 performances at the Drury Lane Theatre. The show has been revived several times on Broadway, most recently in 1995 for 116 performances at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, again with Carol Channing as Dolly Levi.

Awards (1964)

10 Tony Awards for Musical, Actress, Author, Producer, Director, Composer/Lyricist, Musical Director, Scenic Designer, Costume Designer and Choreographer
The New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Musical

Awards (1968)

2 Outer Critics Circle Awards for Actor and Actress
The Theatre World Award (Jack Crowder)

Awards (1970)

The Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Performance (Ethel Merman)