EasyCheck™ Indicator

It's not just basic!

What is the EasyCheck™ Indicator?

The EasyCheck™ brand indicator is both safe AND natural, made out of only one ingredient. red cabbage! The chemical used, called anthocyanin, is the chemical that gives the color to a bunch of common foods.. like blueberries, raspberries, apples and even bananas. Yum!

And that's all it is! It's completely non-toxic, perfect for students and young scientists!

The indicator is easy and practical to use as well, all you need is some kind of container to hold it in. If that doesn't work, the EasyCheck™ indicator is also available in paper strips that act in the exact same way. Completely hassle-free!

In the following video, a similar red cabbage indicator can be seen in action.

Make your OWN pH Indicator from Red Cabbage!

How does the EasyCheck indicator work?

The EasyCheck™ indicator works because the anthocyanin in it is sensitive to changes in pH or, in other words, changes in the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.

They change color when a H+ molecule is added or taken away, thus changing the molecular structure of the indicator and changing its color. This indicator changes green when a basic solution is added because a hydrogen ion has been taken away but red/pink when an acidic solution is added because a hydrogen ion has been added to the compound.

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Between the pH ranges of 0 to 6 the indicator is red/pink, at a pH of 7 the indicator is purple/blue and at a pH of 8 to 14 is yellow/green.

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How can the EasyCheck™ Indicator be applied in the classroom?

Glad you asked, because EasyCheck™ indicators have a ton of different applications for the classroom!

Here are a few examples:

  • Determining whether an acid or a base can neutralize an unknown substance
  • Demonstrating how chemicals can interact with a substance
  • Discovering the basic properties of a substance by determining if it's an acid or base
  • Demonstrating how ion exchange works

Our indicator is a clever, fun, safe and practical way to involve your students in lessons! Its color-changing effects can engage your students and get their attention invested in any lab or demonstration.

Because the EasyCheck™ indicator comes in prepackaged, sealed test tubes it's easy to hand out to students as there's no measuring, bottling or hassle! Just give each student one of our test tubes with indicator and they'll each have the perfect amount of indicator in an already safe, sealed test tube. Just unscrew the cap and you're ready to go!

How can the EasyCheck™ Indicator be applied outside the classroom?

There are plenty of exciting ways the EasyCheck™ indicator can be used outside of the classroom as well!

Here are a few examples:

  • Monitoring swimming pool and soil pH
  • Disappearing Ink (write in the indicator, then spray with lemon juice to make the letters appear!)
  • Turning "water" to "wine" (trick your friends by adding the indicator to seltzer water!)
  • Mood lipstick (add a little to cosmetics to make them change color due to skin pH)

Because our indicator is safe, natural and non-toxic it can be used around the house without worry! With adult supervision any child can become a junior scientist by preforming fun science tricks or even labs with household acids and bases like lemon juice and baking soda. Have fun!