Lives of the Nazi soldiers

By Preston DeLozier

Living conditions

One thing the Nazis hated was the living conditions. they were pulled out of their homes by force and in many cases it was “take the job or be killed on the spot” so many civilians were forced against their will to join. Many men did not want to shoot because of many side affects but one was the whole point of them being forced against their will, so they decided not to shoot because they wanted to show that they couldn't force them to do anything. Another one is the fact many other German soldiers did not trust other which could have made them uncomfortable being in this army. though their living conditions were unreliable the health care was an obstacle to try and use as well. t/Nazi_Germany_BBCnotes.htm


Medicinal conditions

Another problem was the health care. Since their were many problems throughout the war the amount of soldiers injured in this time became tremendous and almost nothing could help The soldiers mental health was a problem because they had regrets of joining, and were fed crystal meth which made them go crazy Physical health was a problem as well because they were punished if an act was done wrong and once again crystal meth came around so they were in very bad health. Toward the end of the war, the Nazis were even working on a miracle pill for their troops. Their health was a problem but at the end the Nazis weapons and soldiers crumbled. the Nazis had many radioactive objects which could have made soldiers ill and fallen in combat.

Training conditions

Training was an important part of the war but once the German soldiers began their training it was nothing but awful. When the German soldiers began they were given American civil war rifles and five bullets and in some cases they would even go to battles with them but since most weapons were already either fully automatic or semi they would lose tremendously. Around this time children's minds were molded into one thing being good Nazi’s all education of the school such as textbooks anything that was not about Adolf Hitler or being a Nazi was burned and in the morning they would salute a picture of Hitler. They started going into war a just ten years old. The labor service was an ideal part of training most likely it was used as punishment for uncompleted jobs or not doing what was told upon that moment. with all the obstacles of war winning was impossible.

In the end

The holocaust was a army that did many unforgivable things in that time, but they were not always powerful due to the fact that they lacked in items that could have waged a war with the setbacks going around like the different diseases, and the punishments soldiers would not want to cooperate if they were getting punished, and their lack of good health care left their soldiers ill, weak some even dead. As said in the beginning their conditions were hideous and were pushed too far in every obstacle of war which could have made them weaker than others predicted.