Final Exam

"Digital Footprint"

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is a trail of information that can relate to you in anyway by you using social media by: posting pictures, videos, sharing posts, liking pictures, and retweeting pictures etc. Your digital footprint is your own information no one else’s. When you make your digital footprint anyone can track you down and find any information about you. Your digital footprint can have a good or a bad impact on your life. Why it is important is because when someone sees your digital footprint they can have a different view of you, they can judge you, this can affect your future too by posting negatively.

What does your Digital Footprint consist of? What tools do you use and for what purpose?

Your digital footprint includes any information about you- what you post on any kind of social media or if people post pictures and videos and you get tagged in them that is on your digital footprint too. The main things your digital footprint includes though is pictures, videos of yourself or what you post. The social media that I use to link to my digital footprint in a positive way is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Phhhoto. How these impact my Digital Footprint is they affect it in a positive way. I use these professionally by posting positive things my hobbies, my food and any achievements. Basically posting anything I like that is not inappropriate. What this is saying about me is that I am a professional and mature student who takes things very seriously.

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Google Myself Profiles

Here is a picture of the links that come up of my Pinterest and Twitter accounts when I google myself.

What impact does/can your footprint have on your future?

The impact that my footprint has on my future is a positive impact because I only post things that are positive not negative. By having a positive footprint, when I am looking to get a job the employers will likely hire me because there is nothing inappropriate on my social media. When you have a positive footprint you will have positive opportunities in your life. By getting a good job and showing people that you are responsible. What is helpful is that I have a positive Digital Footprint and why this is important is because when you have a positive Digital Footprint you will have a positive outcome in life with a good paying/working job etc. What’s harmful to a bad Digital Footprint is likely you won’t get a good paying job, people will look at you differently, people can judge you. Therefore, I will keep posting positive things to make my digital footprint the best it can be.

What can you do to continue to improve your online identity ( Be specific and list at least 2 examples)?

What I can do to continue to improve my online identity is One example: On Snapchat keep posting positive things- achievements, appropriate friend pictures, hobbies, sports, selfies. By posting positive pictures not negative pictures on snapchat you will continue to have a good Digital Footprint. Second Example: By not doing drugs and drinking alcohol. This can lead to a bad Digital Footprint because if you drinking and doing drugs I am sure someone will see you or find out from a parent, picture or video being posted, or a person telling another person. For keeping my Digital Footprint positive and not negative I will continue to not do drugs and not drink alcohol.

What's the most important thing you've learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

The most important thing I have learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint is to never do or post or comment anything that can ruin your reputation or your Digital Footprint. You always want to have a positive footprint because you never know who is looking or watching what you are doing. Also I have learned that with a positive Digital Footprint you will likely get a good job by being positive and showing people that.