ways to be correct on the internet.

Six ways to act on Facebook

1: Do no post where you are every single moment of the day. If you are going somewhere really cool wait until after so people don't know you are out of your house (creeps could easily be/get inside your house).

2: Don't put your personal feelings about someone or something in a status because if you are in a fight with someone they may take it the wrong way and then problems will never end.

3: Girls need to stop posting so many selfies... it gets old for people looking on the news feed and seeing that person 50 times within a minute.

4: Don't post a status about how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend because then people start to judge you and think you're weird and need a room.

5: Don't make status's about religious things like "do you believe in Jesus" because then people who aren't the same religion get offended or start a huge fight over your religion.

6: Only accept friend requests from people you know in person or have met before. They could be a predator or a creep.