Mrs. Hernandez's Family News

The Last Week of School 2015-2016

End of the Year Announcements

  • Final Report Cards will be generated in Freshgrade by Friday.
  • Yearbooks will be sent home this week. There may be extras available for purchase if you are interested. Check in the office if you are interested.
  • Our learners' Sumdog subscriptions are available throughout the summer, so please use that as a learning resource.
  • Make reading and writing a priority every day. Try encouraging our learners to keep a summer journal, read for at least twenty minutes a day, and practice their math skills in everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, meal planning, etc.
  • Try encourage them to read a variety of things such as poems, magazines, and kid newspapers, etc.
  • Look for ways to encourage learning outside of the classroom such as nature walks, crafting, science experiments, family game nights, etc.

A Final Note From Mrs. Hernandez

I feel as though I am a professor about to write my last lecture; because, the truth is there are so many different emotions going through my mind that I can barely keep up. First and foremost, I am honored. I am so very honored that each of you entrusted me with your child. Having you share them with me has truly been such a blessing and I am over the moon at how much we have learned together.

Secondly, I feel refreshed. Before returning to the classroom this past fall, I had lost my vision and my hope for education. As many of you know that I had been on a two-year sabbatical of sorts prior to this school year and being asked to teach at Pike Road was truly an answered prayer. I now feel as though what we do everyday matters again. This last year, I have seen more learning at deeper levels than I ever imagined possible from six and seven years olds. Your children are AMAZING and their talents and abilities astound me. My heart is now full again because I have witnessed children think, create, explore, tinker, write, illustrate, engineer, research, and re-design their way of learning all in the FIRST GRADE. How amazing is this! It truly brings tears to my eyes.

Thirdly, I feel grateful. I am grateful for all of your patience, your cooperation, and your support. This by far has been the hardest job I have ever had and there is simply no way I would have been as successful as I was without each and every one of you. Your faith in me, your encouraging words along the way, and your partnership has never, nor will it ever go unnoticed. You all are amazing parents and I, along with your children, are so lucky to have your undying support.

Next, I am heartbroken because I have to say goodbye to this precious children. It is unbelievable how attached I have become to these sweet babies. Each of them bring so much joy to my life and to our day. I need you to know, that I see them. I truly see each and every one of them. I see their strengths. I see their talents. I see their hearts. I see their dedication and I see just how bright their futures truly are. Even though I am sad that I must say goodbye and pass them on to Community 2, I can do so with such confidence because of just how remarkable they are and I can not wait to see all of the extraordinary things they will accomplish next.

Lastly, I am challenged. I have learned so much this year about how children truly learn and I have observed firsthand when they are given just a bit of autonomy and self-expression just how far their thinking and learning abilities will truly go.

Believe me, when I say that I am my own worst critic. However, I need you to know that I gave it my best each every day and even though it was hard sometimes, I would do it all over again, every minute, no questions asked. As I have said to our children many times, we are our own best teachers. In other words, if there is anything that I have taught them that is that they are life-long learners and just by engaging in our world, they are constantly learning something.

One final thought, this class will always have a special place in my heart because we did this together. Pike Road Schools is now home for us and this first year has been absolutely sensational. I can not be anymore blessed! Thank you, much love to you all, and I pray that you all have a great summer!

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I wish each of you a great and safe summer! I can't wait to see our sweet friends next year! Much love to you all! Always Patriot Proud!