Shasta Study Trip Needs Your Help!

Snack Donations

College Trips Are Hungry Work

On our study trip, students will be walking around to tour campuses and get an idea of what life is really like at college.

As you know, they will be required to bring their own lunches, but high school students are a hungry bunch! We want to make sure that all students, regardless of family finances or dietary needs, are able to be happy, healthy, and focused over the course of a long day.

There's only one way to ensure this: SNACKS!

Study Trip Snack Donation

Wednesday, March 12th, 8am

Summit Shasta Public School

We need donations from families!

Here's what we're looking for:

  • 80 bananas
  • 80 apples
  • 200 juices (Gatorades, Capri-Suns, Juice Boxes, anything!)
  • 200 granola bars
  • Any small packaged snacks that you're willing to share!

Please click here to go to our donation sign up sheet and attach your name to any of the above items so that we know what you're bringing!

Contact Adelaide Giornelli at with any questions. She will also be happy to help you carry any donations upstairs to be stored in our kitchen until the date of the trip!