Girl In A Cage

Book by Jane Volen and Robert J. Harris

Girl In a Cage

The Girl in a Cage is about a girl named Marjorie who´s father declares himself king of Scotland. King Edward l of England wants to rule all of Scotland and sends an army to hang and quarter any men that follow Robert Bruce the new kind of Scotland. The Scottish people make an army and go to attack England, and the royal family women are sent to flee and hide from Edwards army. They didn't make it very far and the young Marjorie was sent to be showcased in England with crowds yelling and throwing food at her like an animal.

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is the father of Marjorie. Robert Bruce was one of the most famous warriors of his generation. He was not born into the royal blood but the people of Scotland needed a leader to guide them and save them from the English so they chose him to be king. Robert Bruce was considered a great man and had very high honor is Scotland. Bruce met up with a leader who was secretly spying on him for the English. Bruce killed him in the church. The English were angry and sent an army after the Bruce family with the Dragon. The Dragon means ¨Show no mercy¨ and that they would be hung, drawn and quartered without question. That means you would be hanged, cut down before you´re dead, cut out your insides, and then cut you into five pieces and you would be shown across the city to warn enemy´s or criminals that this is there punishment. This has been named the most gruesome execution method in history. As said the English had no mercy and captured Bruce's daughter, wife, and sisters, and placed them in cages to be taunted while they waste away, then to leave their rotting bodies out for everyone to see. The English were merciless to Robert Bruce. He spent many years trying to save them. Could he save his own child?


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