Intro to Ministry Formation

What comes next?

Hey Intro to Ministry Formation Fall 2015!

Thanks again for taking the time to complete this course! We hope it'll be helpful for you in your future ministry! If you have feedback or suggestions, as always, feel free to contact me! You can just reply to this email, or email me at

So now what?

Are you continuing on to regular Ministry Formation?

If you are in FOCUS, an officer in a Catholic Gators ministry, or just want to learn more about your faith, Ministry Formation is the place for you! (It's required for those first two). It's every Wednesday night from 10-11:15pm in the Church. It will begin meeting the second week of classes, on Jan. 13. If you plan to begin Ministry Formation in the Spring semester, or if you've already begun it in the Fall, please reply to this email telling me that you will be in Ministry Formation this Spring and why ("FOCUS," "____ Club Officer," or "Because I want to, dangit" are the three most common answers, but there have been others!). Please do this ASAP! But by the first week of classes in January is OK.

Did you complete Intro in order to be considered for Alpha Team, Parish Evangelization Team, or Ambassadors for Christ?

Alpha Team applications can be found here. For Parish Evangelization Team applications, contact me directly. Ambassadors applications will be out the first week of Spring semester.

Would you still like to know more about what other options are open to you?

Contact Sandy or I - and We'd be happy to help you out!

Thanks again and God bless, y'all! I hope you have a great break and a merry Christmas!