8-3 Newsletter

February 15-19

What's New?

Happy Valentines Day!

No school on Monday! Happy Presidents' Day!!

At advisory this week, students will be examining their grades and their study habits. By this point in time in the 8th grade, we want to see the students become more independent and intrinsically motivated. In other words, we want them to "think and do" for themselves. The next few weeks leading up to Spring Break are critical weeks for us to introduce new material that will be assessed on the end of course exams. Students need to be PRESENT, both physically and mentally.

The parent surveys closes February 26, 2016. We would appreciate your input on our school cli­mate. Survey

Do you want to see what the Georgia Milestones Assessment looks like? Click on the link and follow the directions. If your child hasn’t seen it yet, do it with them! Practice test

Coming up!

Monday, Feb. 15 Presidents' Day NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday, Feb. 16

Wednesday, Feb. 17 Advisory Day, Progress Reports go home

Friday, Feb. 19 School Dance 2:30-4:30

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Mrs. McKinney- Math

Wow, unit 5 was a quick one! We are beginning unit 6, Linear Models and Tables.

In this unit students will:

  • identify the rate of change and the initial value from tables, graphs, equations, or verbal descriptions;
  • write a model for a linear function;

  • sketch a graph when given a verbal description of a situation;

  • analyze scatter plots;
  • informally develop a line of best fit;

  • use bivariate data to create graphs and linear models; and

  • recognize patterns and interpret bivariate data.

For the next two weeks we will be immersed in Problem Based Learning. This is the scenario the students were presented with on Friday:

You are the assistant director of food services for Camden County Schools. You are faced with cafeterias in the school system that are losing money. You have decided to look closely at the cafeteria at St. Marys Middle School to find areas where you can save money. You will research and evaluate the many areas that generate costs and the areas that generate income. Areas that need to be included are the labor costs, food costs, cleaning costs, and paper costs. You must collect data and then use the data to make recommendations to the Director of Food Services. You will use the website School Meal, Trends and Stats from

https://schoolnutrition.org/AboutSchoolMeals/SchoolMealTrendsStats/, to help you write a cost analysis report that relates all the costs and revenues involved in a school cafeteria and find ways for the SMMS cafeteria to reduce costs and improve its financial standing. Make sure you use tables and graphs to support your position.

Once you have decided on a course of action, you will make a presentation complete with your suggestions to the Director of Food Services. Wednesday, 2/17/16, the students will have an opportunity to ask questions of the School Director of Food Services. I think this will be a wonderful learning opportunity for our students. Have a wonderful long weekend.