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August Re-cap

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12 Days of Stella and Dot

Are you ready for your best season EVER? Join us for our best team incentive EVER....the 12 Days of Stella & Dot! Book 4 by September 12th - your name is in the drawing for the $400 shopping spree Book 8 by September 12th - your name is in the drawing for the $800 shopping spree Book 12 by September 12th - your name is in the drawing for the mack daddy prize....a $1200 shopping spree! You must be a part of our 12 Days fb group to get in on the fun! Get the full details and request to join here This is a must do for everyone...whether you want 1 trunk show/month or 3+!
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Giddy as I wake up this morning...not only are we launching our very BEST team incentive of the year, but home office just launched one of their BEST incentives EVAAAAA! Who is ready to get BOLD in September? Hop on the BOLD BONUS CHALLENGE TRAIN that home office has lanched! SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2016: 9/1 - 10/31! Quick Start for All Bonus: From Sept. 1- 30, sell 1,000 PQV and get your $100 Quick Start Bonus! Bold Bonus: From Sept. 1-Oct. 31, sell 5,000 PQV from Sept. 1-Oct. 31 and sponsor 2 who go on to hit their Jumpstart and get $1,000 in Product! Stressing because you love COVET and want it all? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO EARN IT! Who is going for $1100 in product credit?

August Promotions!!

Catherine Boone/ Associate Director

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Meredith Sorkin/ Associate Director

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Eileen Statts/ Star Stylist

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julie nobles/ Star Stylist

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Jennifer Hammond/ Star Stylist

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Stephanie Miller/ Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Owensboro, KY
Start Date: March 30, 2016 (got married May 7 so I REALLY started June 1 :))
Stats: Full-time Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, part-time fashion blogger behind White Coat Wardrobe, new wife and puppy momma!
Fave Part of S&D Business: the relationships, the financial freedom (see ya, student loans!) and the JEWELS!!
3 Month Goal: sponsor, sponsor, sponsor and promote to Star Stylist by my birthday (November 6!)

Thanks again! I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing team of women!

Melinda Morgan/ Senior Stylist

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Mary Jones/ Associate Stylist

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Whitney Lambert/ Associate Stylist

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I live in Zionsville

I started 7/1/15

I am Wife and mama to twin girls (18 months old) & Purdue grad. Boiler up!

I love getting to work from home and meeting new people :)

3 month goal: 2 more people on my team :)

Esther Ayers/ Associate Stylist

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Andrea Stutsman/ Associate Stylist

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Elkhart, IN

Jan. 23, 2016

Mother of 2 boys, previously PR/marketing account manager

Love the enthusiasm of my fellow stylists!

Sponsor a new stylist

Roslyn McMillan/ Associate Stylist

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Lori Hasquin/ Associate Stylist

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Amber McMillen/ Associate Stylist

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Top 10 in sales

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Top in Qualified Stylists

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Congrats to all who qualified 1 stylist

Reagan Montgomery

Lindsay Dixon

Esther Ayers

Morrisa Reynolds

Nicole Brawner

Jessa Helm

Lisa Tyler

Jennifer Hammond

julie nobles

Roslyn McMillan

Mary Jones

Rachel Hudgins

Amanda Pollice

Melinda Morgan

Catherine Boone

Hayley Bannister

Regina Romine

Amanda Mcdanel

Eileen Statts

Donna Naylor

Elizabeth Smith

Lori Hasquin

Whitney Lambert

Wendy Hudspeth

Amber McMillen

Amanda Schecter

Natalie Walter

essica robertson

Rebecca Perry

Robin Wells

Christina Latchem

Melisa Lewandowski

Mari Schott


Claire Price

Amber kraus

Brooke Carlton

Kathryn Alexander

Kristina Ragland

Tara Crabtree-Vollrath

Morgan Wood

Glenyce Bentzer

Ashley Weisman-Kutch

Amy May

Stephanie Moring

Nicole Brinser

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Leaping over $2,000!!!!

Stephanie Lerch $2,702

Going over $1,000

Lourdes Larroude $1,316

Earned over $800

Ashley McNall $896

Mary Jones $896

Earned over $500

Danene Brown $544

Earned over $400

jennifer joynt $428

Alyssa Cook $427

Kathryn Hernandez $416

Diane Wiley $409

Sarah Berberich $401

Earned over $300

Billie Clark $391

Brittany Mathis $388

Jenni Crocker $381

Lauren May $351

ELizabeth Wagner $351

Anne Fuertes $346

Emily Grohmann $338

Emily Sarney $330

Courtenay DeLuca $329

Brooke Trent $324
Christina Viviano $318

Lynzie Adams $318

Jullian Spencer $317 CAD
Michelle Thompson $305

Earned Over $200

Teresa Aeilts $287

Danielle Tarrazi $285

Santana Alphin $278

Carly Gardner $267

Jessica Watts $264

Jo Godfray $262E

Morgan Jensen $255

Kylie Epperson $249

Kathryn Vogel $230

Laura Pawlowski $225

Kayla May $225

Sara Hammond $222

Jessica sander $220

Anne Elyse Eytchison $216

Courtney Gibson $215

McKenna Wolf $214

Betsy Butler $213

Karlee Kreienkamp $212

Jessica Goodwin $211

Halie McNeal $211

Tara Carroll $209

Jaclyn Cosantino $209

Kia Sims $208

Jamie Segerson $208

Amy Lawson $207

Ashley Bower $207

Maria Lygrisse $206

Johanna Dahl $203

Madison Bennett $202


Earned Over $100

Lisa Gritton $184

Kendra Cooper $173

Heather Faivre $160

Deanna Murray $152

Judy Davis $148

Kacey Kelley $136

Crystal Pinckard $134

Krystal Reynolds $133

Maggie Luther $132

Angela Patterson $125

Andrea Rainer $114

Elizabeth Freed $106

Heather Keith $103

April Murrie $102

Kristina Ragland $101

Cindy Villa $100

Weekly Home office Training Calls

Special 2242-321 FB Live with Danielle! Setting up your September!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

Join Danielle Redner in the S&D Extraordinary 2016 Facebook group to learn how to take the new Stylists on your team, add more in Sept and rev them all up for fall all while building your depth and securing your pay rank!

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You’re earning points towards a FREE fabulous beach vacation in Costa Rica for Glam Getaway 2017! And that’s not all! With this year’s extra EXTRAORDINARY Glam, you also have the chance to earn a GLAMorous unique necklace (think 14 karat gold and diamonds)!!!
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Lindsay Dixon 117,283

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Barbara Muehr-Ellis 96,398

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Mollie Gossett 94,721

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Jenna Green 90,732

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Victoria Maiden 88,986

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Jessa Helm 85,393

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Christine Swartz 80,854

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Kimberly Jones 80,095

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Look who hit the EXTRAORDINARY TRIP FOR 1!!

Kelly Cox 77,264

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Morrisa Reynolds 70,179

Big image

Samantha Tunador 65,689

Big image

Amanda Pollice 59,401

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Ashley Jarden 58,035

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Charlotte Pottieger 56,379

Big image

Felicia Kettler 53,936

Big image

Sarah Parramore 51,676

Big image

Jessica Sigler 51,128

Big image

Nicole Brawner 50,930

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Lisa Tyler 50,718

Big image

Amy Ebberts 50,614

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Look at these ROCKSTARS who have already earned their level 1 Glam Getaway! Enjoy your diamonds ladies!!!

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Britten Parker 47,031

Big image

Meredith Sorkin 45,926

Big image

Allison Lindley 45,164

Big image

Hayley Bannister 43,150

Big image

Ashley Ayers 41,789

Big image

Margaret Underhill 40,987

Big image

Kathryn Larson 40,538

Big image

Samantha Reed 40,528

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Ashley Smiley 40,370

Big image

Karla Dofflemyer 40,241

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Katie Campbell 39,353

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Jessica Heider 38,547

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Erica Smith 36,383

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Katie Wasserman 34,717

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Julie Canellos 33,732

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Juliana Rivera 33,368

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Jessica Robertson 33,244

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Reagan Montgomery 32,581

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Eri Hackett 32,568

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Bonnie Van Etten 32,150

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Jennifer Hammond 31,987

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Leslie Cumbow 31,773

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Kristie Siroonian 31,709

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Amber Kraus 30,819

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Rachel Hudgins 30,648

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Amy Jackson 30,543

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Elizabeth Bein 30,059

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Over 20,000 points!!

Ashley Drissi 28,010

Morgan Lyon 26,926

Elizabeth Smith 26,519

Kristen Kupets 26,427

Meghan Edwards 25,984

Julie Nobles 25,440

Amanda Schecter 25,440

Kelly Young 24,648

Mary Oden 23,687

Lindsey Sodikoff 23,356

Victoria Batz 23,205

Donna Naylor 23,124

Melinda Morgan 21,008

Amanda McDanel 20,955

Chelsea Prehn 20,766

Hope Everyone has a great week. Let me know if I can help! XO KELLY

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