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Duck & Roll

An ugly duckling walks into the App Store.

Duck & Roll

An ugly duckling walks into the App Store.

Duck & Roll ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

An ugly duckling walks into the App Store... and creates the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm Game of all time!

Download Duck & Roll, a retro cartoon Rhythm Game with rock music from talented music artists. Tap, slice, hold and cut jumping stars to the beat of Rock 'n' Roll.

You play a Duck that loves to jam to rock music, but your family only plays classical instruments like the violin and piano. You decide to leave your family behind to live out your dream and become a Rock Star. Each level and music track you complete will lead you one step closer to success…


Duck & Roll - Trailer - Universal App - Live


★ Tap - slice - -hold - Cut with the music rhythm.

★ Crazy fingers combo. Up to 4 fingers in the same times !

★ Universal App – Optimized to be enjoyed on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

★ Retina display – Sharp, stylish backgrounds to hammer on and off to

★ Game Center – Compete against your friends and see who shreds best with the sweetest high-score

★ iCloud – Save your progress to the cloud and continue where you left off on any of your iOS devices

★ Achievements – Break it down and be rewarded with in-game achievements


Padgadget 4/5

“Fans of tap-based music games will enjoy this one.”

- kotaku
“Rock music is incredibly powerful. Ducks as also incredibly powerful. Combine the two and damn, man... just damn.”

- Arcadesushi 7/10
“I want more, which is a good sign for an iOS game. The audience is there, so let’s sign some more acts.”

- game4me 4/5

An app by Wild Factor

Wild Factor is a an indie game studio founded in 2011 by French programmer Alexandre Lautié in his living room in Paris with one simple yet often forgotten ambition: make games everyone will truly enjoy. Alexandre’s previous work includes mobile adaptations of notable franchises such as: Leisure Suit Larry, King Quest and Spyro and his current job includes working on AAA titles like Just Dance. He founded Wild Factor wishing to create small games again, with absolute creative freedom. For his first game, Duck & Roll, Alexandre is joined by Diego Di Toro, a Chilean comics artist and Michael Beier, a German level designer.