Geothermal Energy

Alternative Energy Project

Development of Geothermal Energy

Though people say geothermal energy occurred over 10,000 years ago Geothermal Energy was found in 1904 by Prince Piero Ginori Conti. Prince Piero said hot springs in Italy is what made geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is heat from the earth that is clean and sustainable. Even though geothermal energy range is in shallow ground to hot rock fault electricity is still needed to make th power plants pump work. Geothermal energy is mainly environmentally friendly there are some small environment problems.

Concerns for the Enviroment

Geothermal power plants can have impacts on both water quality and consumption. Hot water that is pumped from underground reservoirs often contain high levels of sulfur, salt, and other minerals. Geothermal energy can be extracted without burning fossil fuels like coal, gas. and oil. Geothermal power plants release hydrogen sulfide which is a gas that smells horrible and has low concentration, The hydrogen sulfide is released when heat is being extracted from the ground.

Geothermal Energy


Process to create Geothermal Energy

We use Geothermal energy to make electricity, A geothermal power plant works by tapping into steam or hot water reservoirs underground. This heat is used to drive an electrical generator. Most geothermal power plants are located in the western United States where hot water reservoirs are common.


The price to install a geothermal system is $146.85 a month. The price for the government to build a geothermal system is about $7,500 dollars. Some geothermal plants can charge more during peak demand periods.