SIG Overlake Update

Teaching Students, Not Curriculum!

Week 1

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful first week at SIG and we can't believe it went by so fast! Whether it be observing different kinds of clouds, creating new machine designs, contemplating the invention process, mapping the Earth's crust, or researching technology pioneers, students have been asked to challenge themselves. We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow!

At SIG this week, while exploring new ideas, students set their own objectives for each class as do the instructors. In the following weeks, they will continue to engage in learning that will include complexity, challenge, creativity, depth, and acceleration based on each students own goals and needs.

Below is a profile of some of the faculty and staff at SIG Overlake this year. We will share more profiles in next week's newsletter!

Things to Note!

Code of Conduct

Please be sure to turn in your student's signed Code of Conduct form by Monday, July 7th at the latest. The form must be signed by you and your student. If you're not sure if you already turned it in, double check in your student's blue SIG folder to see if it's there. Thanks!

Back Gate for Drop-off and Pick-up

For those of you who have been inquiring, the back gate will be open from 6:30-9:00am every morning. If you arrive after 9:00am, please use the front entrance.

The back gate will also be open from 3:30-4:30pm for pick-up. If your child is in extended care and you will arrive after 4:30pm, please use the front entrance.

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Closing Ceremonies

Please join us on the last day of class (Friday, July 18th) from 4:30 to 5:30 for our presentation of certificates and plaques as well as a chance to view student projects at the end.

Guess Who?


"Creativity takes courage." Henri Matise


Staff Spotlight

Mackenzie Speare- Instructor- Simple Machines, Building Blocks of Engineering, Algebraic Expressions

This is Mackenzie's fourth year teaching at SIG. During the school year she teaches 4th, 5th, and 6th grade highly capable students in Snohomish school district. She has 8 years of teaching experience. She got her undergraduate degree in history from Western Washington University and her masters degree and certification from City University.

Julia Hunt- Instructor- Storm Chasers, Spying

Julia is excited to be returning to SIG for the 3rd time! Julia is passionate about education and encouraging intellectual curiosity in her classes. She currently works as a substitute teacher, coaches women's lacrosse at the Overlake School, and works as a Collections Assistant at a sports hall of fame museum in Tacoma, WA. She is excited to be teaching about extreme weather and spying!

Moira Farrell- Instructor- Rocks & Minerals

Moira is a new instructor at SIG this summer. She is a mother of five children and has enjoyed the journey of home-schooling all of them for the past 11 years. Moira is also an illustrator, and holds a BFA from Cornish College, teaches Suzuki violin lessons, and plays with the Sammamish Symphony.

Brent Leithauser- Instructor- What's Your Point?, Curious Chemist

This is Brent's first year here at Overlake, and he's excited to be with SIG! Brent is teaching What's Your Point?, a debate class for 11- and 12-year-olds, and The Curious Chemist, a chemistry class for 5- & 6-year-olds. Brent is a Stanford and UW grad, and in his spare time he's a Pharmacist and instructor at North Seattle College. He's also hopeful that a couple of little ones he has at home might get to take these classes one day...

Mckenna Dezihan- Eureka! Inventive Minds at Work, The Detective, Art Alley

This is Mckenna's first year teaching at SIG. Currently she is starting her fourth year in the Bethel School District, where she teaches 7th and 8th grade Art, History, and Humanities. She attended Central Washington University for Graphic Design and Art, and then went to Whitworth University where she received her Master in Teaching for Elementary Education and Visual Arts Education.

Sirivanh Cablayan- Insructor- Recreational Geometry, Rain Forests, Sports Stop

Sirivanh goes by Siri for short and her students know her as Ms. Cablayan. She holds a Master's Degree in Teaching and a Principal's Certification. She has 15 years of teaching experience and is fluent in three languages other than English, including Lao and Thai. She is a life long learner and loves helping children discover the world around them. She is honored and pleased to work with the students at SIG this summer.

Katrina Wagner- Online Design

Katrina is currently employed at Pacific Cascade Middle School, in the Issaquah School District, where she has worked as the 6th grade Advanced Humanities teacher for the past four years. Prior to that, Katrina served as an 8th grade Humanities teacher at Pine Lake Middle School (also in the Issaquah School District) for five years. Since receiving her specialty endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education, from Whitworth University in 2013, Katrina has become a leader in gifted education in the Issaquah School District. She teaches professional development courses on differentiation strategies for gifted students in regular education classes. This is her first summer working with SIG and she will serve as an Instructor at the Overlake School and as a Housemaster and Instructor at Princeton. Outside of work, she enjoys playing with her pug, Sadie, painting and drawing, and serving the community by being involved with the Bread of Life Mission and Eastridge Church.

Seth Christianson- Program Assistant- Eureka! Inventive Minds at Work, Spying, Speaking/Writing/Empowering!, Get Theatrical!

Seth is a certified teacher in all subjects for kindergarten through 8th grade in both Washington and Idaho. He also has a literacy endorsement. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated in 2012. Seth has been subbing in both Washington and Idaho for the last two years and is currently applying to graduate school.

Meghan Henry- Program Assistant- Anticipating Algebra, Spying, The Detective, Sports

Meghan Henry is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University. She loves the outdoors and racing in triathlons. It is Meghan's first year as a Program Assistant at SIG.

Shila Hodgins- Program Assistant- Rocks & Minerals, What's Your Point?, Algebraic Expressions, Art Alley

Shila is a recent WWU graduate. She majored in History/Social Studies and Political Science. This year she'll be pursuing her Masters in Teaching while working for Americorp through SPU, where she will be in West Seattle high schools, helping students reach higher levels of education after graduating. She feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the incredible SIG program and be around such wonderful students.

Sarah Messick- Program Assistant- Online Design, Cracking Codes, Rain Forests, Art Alley

Sarah is a senior at Boston University, where she studies Psychology, Sociology, and Education. She has experience teaching with the Jumpstart and Updward Bound programs. Sarah is excited to be back in her home state of Washington for her first year with SIG.

Ronald James Pablo- Program Assistant- Storm Chasers, Building Blocks of Engineering, Curious Chemist, Sports Stop

Ron is an aspiring Science and Math teacher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa getting his Masters in Education and Teaching.

Stuti Sulgaonkar- Program Assistant- Simple Machines, Recreational Geometry, Planetary Science, Get Theatrical!

Stuti is in her third year of college at the University of Washington studying Informatics. She is so excited to be here as a first year program assistant at SIG! Being a mentor at other facilities with students ranging from three years old to eighteen years old, she hopes this experience working with gifted students will expand her knowledge as well as the student's knowledge.

Kelsey Garcia- Office Manager

Kelsey graduated from Fordham University in May 2012 with a BA in International Studies and Spanish along with a minor in International Humanitarian Affairs. During college she studied in Spain, Korea, Ecuador, and Nicaragua and she someday hopes to have a career in international development. She previously worked as a Spanish Teacher and Administrative Assistant for Foreign Language for Youth. Kelsey plans to serve in the Peace Corps next year. Kelsey is thrilled to be back for her second year with SIG.

Arianna Haindfield- Director

Mrs. Arianna Haindfield has just completed her 9th year as an educator for The Lake Washington School District and her 22nd year in the field of education having received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education. Mrs. Haindfield is known as an instructional leader in the community and in addition to teaching at Redmond High School, she is the Choral Music Coordinator for LWSD. Putting her wealth of knowledge and experience to good use, Mrs. Haindfield is currently pursuing additional graduate studies in educational leadership with City University of Seattle and has been accepted as an administrative intern for the 2014-15 school year. She hopes to become a state certified school principal and program administrator. She is excited to be serving in her first year with SIG and looks forward to getting to know the terrific staff, families, and students. Outside of work, she enjoys music, raising her 6 children (ages 4-14) with her husband Mitch, traveling, serving the residents of Camp Unity (local residence for the homeless) and spending time with her dog Buddy.