Productivity and Interdependence

Maren Lewallen and Noah Clearwater


An economic measure of output per unit of input!

It can be expressed as units of a product per worker-hour Like cars.

Labor specialization is a key factor of modern economic systems, enabling factories and other business operations to produce goods on a global scale and to increase productivity.


The division of labor and this is almost universal.

If you live on a farm, you probably grow all your fruits and vegetables. You might have cows and chickens to give you milk and eggs. You might not ever need to go to a grocery store for food. But you probably don't make your own farm equipment. You are dependent on someone else for those things. If someone else didn't make the hoes and the rakes and the tractors that your family uses, you wouldn't be able to produce all that food.

Some pictures of Productivity and Interdependence