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Irritable bowel syndrome

On the basis of these criteria suffer about 5% -15% of the population PDS. This disorder involves twice as many women as men!
Irritable bowel syndrome

A disease with many faces
Regardless of the clinical form goes with irritable bowel syndrome a multifaceted disorder. More than half of the patients are suffering from an allergic digestive system, in a number of cases as a result of an earlier infection (acute gastro-enteritis), which lowers the pain threshold of the nerve cells in the intestine.
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In many people with IBS is a micro-infection of the bowel has occurred. So it is quite possible that there is not an irritable bowel syndrome exists, but a number of syndromes with different mechanisms.

In younger people usually a simple clinical examination to rule out Other conditions sufficient Additional studies (x-rays, blood tests, and endoscopy) are usually not necessary. Additional research may be

recommended by the doctor, especially:

- If you are over 50

- The symptoms are very recent emergence

- You especially have diarrhea

- You may have lactose intolerance

- Symptoms at night to prevent

- By heredity, if colon cancer in your family history

- You have anemia or blood in the stool