Elvis Presley

By Jacob McClintock


Who is Elvis Presley he was an American musician a singer and a actor "refered as the king of rock " says Wikipedia .He was born January 8th ,1935 in Tupelo ,Mississippi .he had a wife and I child he plays vocals , guitar , piano. He was in the army 1958 - 1960 . Died August 6 1977 age 42

He is one of the best cultural icons of the 20th century. The genres that he played was rock and roll, pop . Country, blues. He's religion is Pentecostal . Resting place is Graceland

Impact and five fun facts

Elvis started to play rock when it had just started and he made it popular. He made relateble songs for are enjoyment . He was not scared to be different and we can all learn stuff from him he impacted the world

1. He was in the army

2. He had a twin

3. Started playing guitar at 11

4. Only performed in North America

5. First first tv appeace in 1956

Present day connection

The connection is price he is the modern day Elvis sadly they both died of drug addictions. But the legacy will live on for generations. There songs will be forever remembered. They make songs that impact us and that we can connect to.