BES Weekly Newsletter

May 9-13

Happy STAAR Week!

Our 3rd graders have been working hard all year to get ready for these tests! They are going to do a GREAT job! Thank you to our 3rd grade team for all of your hard work this year!! And, thanks to Mrs. Erwin and everyone who will be administering the STAAR test next week. We will SMASH THE STAAR!!!!

Our peprally was AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone for participating!


  • Kinder and 3rd will switch enrichment times for MONDAY and TUESDAY. (8:15--K; 1:35--3rd)
  • Remind students Pre K-2nd grade that we need them to be quiet on Monday and Tuesday in the hallways.
  • Everyone will be meet in the music room on Monday and Tuesday for enrichment.
  • Recess Schedule: if it isn't raining,
  1. PPCD, PreK, HS, Lifeskills-regular time on the small playground
  2. K, 1st, 2nd--check schedule to see if small playground is open during your regular time. If not, you could use the grassy area right in front of the K wing. If you use this area, please be sure to monitor students close to the drive.
  3. 3rd Grade-recess after testing!

Happy Nurses Day!!!

Wednesday is School Nurses Day!! Please say a big thank you to our AMAZING nurse, Angie Baker!

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Important Reminders:

  • I will be scheduling Retention Meetings this week and next during conferences.
  • Remember the importance of confidentiality.
  • Monitoring is very important. Do not leave your students unattended. MONITOR, MONITOR, MONITOR!!!
  • Don't forget to watch for positive behavior--Positive Office Referrals are a quick and easy way to praise a student and build a relationship with the parents!!
  • Remember to practice kindness every day with staff and students--One Kind word can change someone's entire day!!! Your words count!

Dates for your calendars:

  • 5/9 3rd Grade STAAR Math
  • 5/10 3rd Grade STAAR Reading
  • 5/11 School Nurses Day--Please say thanks to Angie for taking care of us at BES!!!!
  • 5/12 RELAY FOR LIFE--Italian Lunch--$6
  • 5/12 Progress Reports go home
  • 5/13 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • 5/16 Muffins with Moms
  • 5/20 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • 5/25 Baby Shower for Mrs. Jones
  • 5/27 AR Field Trip
  • 5/31 End of Year Awards Ceremony
  • 6/1 Bear Games