Electric City Comic Con

Guests 2017


Artists Alley

These talented artists and authors will be located inside the library in "Artists Alley." Stop-by to meet them, purchase their books, get them signed and chat with these amazing artists! You can see many of our artists at various workshops and programs throughout the day as well.

Erik Craddock

Erik Craddock is an award-winning, best-selling Author/Illustrator, and the creator of such series as Stone Rabbit (Random House), and the upcoming trilogy series Ultra School (Polar Press/Golden Bell). An ardent writer, storyteller, and visual artist, he dedicates his days to creating new books and works that both enchant and entertain his fan base, which currently spans all across the globe.

Currently, Erik is the Flagship Author and Featured Creator of Polar Press and Golden Bell Entertainment, and over the course of the next five years, plans to release at least 15 books through the company. He will be a featured artist at ECCC with Golden Bell Entertainment this year.

Tom Eaton

Tom Eaton is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and animator, and creator of the Bug Zapper, a comic for kids. Past projects include original animated shorts and music videos for Sufjan Stevens and the Danielson Famile.


This pair of artists, authors and entrepreneurs help run Golden Bell Entertainment. With The Sunday Comics, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Stuffimals, Timeless Studios, Golden Games and Polar Press, Golden Bell illustrates a passion for various mediums and a dream to jumpstart the nostalgia of a time gone by. Their Sunday Comics project merges an age old medium of newspaper strips by fusing it with serialized storytelling of the modern comic age.

Mitra Farmand

Mitra Farmand is a cartoonist from Brookline, Massachusetts. In 2013 she graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT, so don’t worry, she’s certified to draw cartoons. She's had two cartoons published in The New Yorker, which is the sort of thing one puts in a bio. She looks like a cat-owning vegetarian, but she is neither of those things.


T.J. Kirsch is a cartoonist living in upstate NY. His work has been published by Archie Comics, Oni Press, and Image Comics, and he is the illustrator of the critically-acclaimed She Died In Terrebonne with writer Kevin Church. His most recent graphic novel, with writers Christina Weir and Nunzio Defilippis, is titled Lost And Found: An Amy Devlin Mystery, from Oni Press. His current project is Pride Of The Decent Man: A Cartoon Strip Drama.

Matt Lesniewski

My name’s Matt Lesniewski and I’m an independent comic creator. I write, draw and letter my own self published comics. Maybe you’ve heard of them. My past work includes titles like Antique, Alone Again, Arctic Hell and more.

Mark Mariano

Mark Mariano is a Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist from New Jersey. He's an Adventure Time cover artist, a contributor to Aw Yeah Comics!, The Sakai Project from Dark Horse, and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. His self-published work includes the family favorite The Other Side of Hugless Hill, the Moonbeam Award-Winning Flabbergast: Science Friction and the amazon.com best-selling Happyloo: Flying Colors. As proud organizer of the traveling Kids Love Comics pavilion for several comic conventions, Mark assembles the roster of super-talented artists, and creates the programming. Being an advocate of comics in the classroom, he enjoys visiting schools and sharing his love of art and storytelling. Mark has been drawing since he was three, and loves reading comics and picture books, making music with The O>Matics, eating ice cream, and watching cartoons. Mark will be a featured artist with Golden Bell Entertainment at this year's con.

Shane Moore

Schenectady resident, artist and co-founder of Electro-Magnetic Press. Shane does the art for the comic series “The Omens." The first comic in his new series “Empire Comics” was recently published. Shane is also the artist who created our Electric City Comic Con mascot: Voltage

Emily Ree

Emily is a Hudson Valley based graphic novelist. Her comic, Anarchy Dreamers, follows the adventures of a group of sparkly kids who came back from the dead! The printing of the first issue of Anarchy Dreamers was successfully Kickstarted by fans in late 2015.

Crispin Wood

Crispin Wood has been drawing comics for ages. His comic Rock School appeared in a monthly New England music periodical called The Noise from 1992 until 2015. In 2013, Crispin started a webcomic called Small Blue Yonder. People seem to like it. Check it out - it's family-friendly!

Comics Commons

Friends of the Schenectady County Public Library

The Friends of the library fund raise and support all public programming at SCPL (among many other things!) Their efforts made our Comic Con possible. They will be selling fantasy, manga, science fiction and other used books to help raise funds for the library. The friends also run the popular Whitney Book Corner used book store on the corner of Union and Clinton St.