Disney Jungle Book kids!

Year 5 presents a fabulous story of Mowgli and his friends.

The Jungle Book kids play.

Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm

7 Hornsey Rd


Come see the wonderful all time favorite Disney Jungle Book play.

Dear parents, The classic Jungle Book is swinging to Glenealy School and year 5 is performing it! Don't monkey around and come to see it now!


Lauren as Mowgli

Joaquin as Baloo

Sadie as Bagheera

Jolie as King Louie

Amelia as Shere Khan

Mimi and Nastassia as Vultures

Marco, Hannah.S, Jia, Miri, Duncan, Mia and Michael as Monkeys

Oliver as Colonel Hathi

Zoe, Venetia, Zenia, Isabel and Sophia as Kaa ( and coils)

Thomas.H as Old Monkey

Osborn, Sam, felcitiy as Elephant troops

Jasmine as Shanti and cocunut tree

Mr. Sommervile and Mrs. Urqhart as Shanti's parents

Hannah.W as Baby elephant

Year 5 have also been making props in class, practiced the singing and refining movements. Students also put together costumes, makeup ,and hair. They made a trailer for parents to watch, too. If you would like to get directions or don't know how to get to Glenealy School press the Google map image above.

Baloo and King Louie.

Baloo has to disguise and distract King Louie so Bagheera can take Mowgli from the monkeys place.

Jungle friends.

Mowgli meets friends along the amazing adventure through the jungle.
King Louie

Remember to come or you'll missing out all the excitement. 😃