Battle of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Battle Facts

The Battle of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill was held by Colonists so the British wanted to capture it. The British wanted to capture Bunker Hill because they wanted control over Boston Harbor. Then the next morning the British woke and saw a 6 foot high dirt wall. The commander of the British was not happy. He said " Those rebels have done more in 1 night than my whole army would have done in a month.

How did the British Win The Battle Of Bunker Hill

The British were not winning the war at first, the Colonists were. When the Colonists built the 6 foot dirt wall the British's general was very mad. So they started firing cannons at them, so the Colonists started firing back. The British retreated to the bottom of the hill, but their general sent them back up to fight. But then the Colonists ran out of ammunition and was defeated.