Called to More @ OLA

Week of October 25, 2021

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Blessed Carlo Acutis: A Saint in the making!

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Learning about our Saints

Each month we will learn about a Saint, one each month, and learn about how they were "Called to More" We will also learn how they answered this call. Learning about how the Saints lived their lives will help us understand how we too can answer the "Call to More."

We can pray to saints to help us.

They are so close to God that he has given them the ability to help us directly.

Ask your child about the Rosary Walk in our Outdoor Classroom

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Literacy is Foundational, so OLA has Month-Long Read-In

Guest Readers in 2K

Lucky Ducks

On your child's "God Made You" day, children come to the office to celebrate their birthdays with the office team by playing Lucky Ducks!

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Congratulations 1&2E Finalists - Vote Today!

Bravo 1&2E who made the top 5 in the Co-op Hey Clay Contest! Their work is amazing! Let's help them win a Pizza Party! Their sculptures are amazing!!!

Click the button below to vote for them!

Voting ends at the end of the day on Monday, October 25 so vote today!!!

This Week @ OLA

October is Read in Month

October 25-29

  • Evidence of your Child's Learning so far this year, coming home this week

Monday, October 25

  • An awesome day to answer the "Call to More"

Tuesday, October 26

  • K & 1 Assembly
  • Mme Gravelle & Bookmobile in 1P for Read-In Month

Wednesday, October 27

  • Virtual Announcements
  • Priest Visit
  • Public EICS School Board Meeting @ 2:30pm

Thursday, October 28

  • Grade 2 & 3 Assembly
  • Grade 1s Play with Pumpkins
  • Grade 4 Assembly

Friday, October 29

  • Come to school in your costumes!
  • Halloween Party & Celebrations
  • Today and every day, we answer the "Call to More!"

Evidence of Learning

This week your child will be coming home with evidence of their learning journey that will frame the conversations you and your child have with your child's teacher at Three-Way Conferences.

What is an Evidence of Learning Portfolio?

It is just that, a brief collection of your child's learning that is connected to the learning outcomes and objectives for you to tangibly see and discuss with your child. Evidence of Learning Portfolios can be hard copy portfolios, digital or a hybrid of the two. Your child's teacher will share these details with you this week. The Evidence of Learning portfolios, as well as Three-Way Conferences, are key checkpoints in your child's learning journey.

What is in an Evidence of Learning Portfolio?

As parents, you will see the following elements:

  • Evidence of learning in all core subject areas including Religion, Literacy, Numeracy, Social Studies and Science. Each piece included will be connected to the objective for the lesson so that you are able to understand where your child's learning is at in comparison to the learning objective and goal.
  • In grades 2-4 you will see evidence of Growth Over Time and this will be a piece or two from early in the year and one more recent so that comparisons can be made to determine and celebrate growth since the beginning of the year.
  • In some cases, you may see a piece that includes Progression of Learning, and this is a piece that demonstrates the steps your child engaged in to improve, learn and grow to a final product.
  • Students will reflect on their own learning attributes and share their thoughts about their Growth as a Learner.
  • A student-selected piece that they are super proud of and want to highlight for and with you.

What do I do with my child's Evidence of Learning Portfolio?

Thank you for taking time with your child (which is key!) to review your child's work, celebrate growth and engagement with them. Ask them questions about their learning and the pieces in the Evidence of Learning Portfolio. Here are a few guiding questions you can use:

  • What did you find easy?
  • What was hard?
  • What did you enjoy?
  • What did you learn that you didn't know before?
  • In what area do you think you can improve?
  • Tell me about your "Wow" piece - why did you choose it?
  • Where can we go together to continue growing?

Your child's evidence of learning will be the starting point for conversations during Three-Way Conferences. Please book yours today.

Your participation and engagement in your child's learning are critical factors that contribute to their learning success.

Virtual Three Way Conferences

You are invited to celebrate your child’s learning and growing at OLA!

Why Three-Way Conferences?

Research shows when the big people in a child’s life takes interest in their child’s education, children:

  • Experience increased success in their learning and growing;

  • Are more emotionally settled and at peace;

  • Witness and experience continually strengthening of relationships between home and school;

  • Develop positive attitudes about school and experience increased confidence

  • Benefit from working with parents who are more comfortable supporting their child’s education

Thank you for your engagement in this checkpoint of your child’s learning and growing as part of the OLA Assessment and Reporting Process at OLA. For more information about our Assessment and Reporting Process, you are invited to click here.

What Will We Talk About?

Conversations during Three Way Conferences will be directly linked to your child’s learning evidence that will be available during the week of October 25-29 as Evidence of Learning Portfolios. Thank you for reviewing your child’s learning progress through these portfolios as a snapshot and checkpoint in your child’s learning progress.

Three Way Conferences celebrate your child’s successes so far and it is a time to work together to establish goals for continued growth and learning.

When are Three-Way Conferences?

On Tuesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 4th, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. OLA teachers will be conducting Parent Teacher Interviews online via Google Meet.

  • Kindergarten interviews will also be available on Friday, November 5th from 8:45am - 2:45 pm.

  • Mrs. Lukie will be available Thursday, November 4th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

  • Mrs. Vukovic’s interview will be Tuesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 4th from 4:30pm - 8:00pm

  • Mrs. Kucy will be available on Tuesday, November 2nd

  • Mrs. Weller will be available both evenings from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

  • Mme Gravelle will be available both evenings

How do I book our time with the teacher?

Three Way Conferences will be through Google Meets. Thank you for ensuring the device you use has a webcam and microphone. The Google Meet is easiest to access by using the browser Google Chrome. The Google Meet link will be in the confirmation email when you book your Three-Way Conference time.

To book your Three-Way Conference, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the school booking site:

  2. Select Make a Booking

  3. Enter the following access code: ae62e

  • Enter your email address, name, phone number and student’s full name.
  • Select your teachers home room from the drop down menu
  • Select your teacher's name from the drop down menu
  • Select the appointment time that suits your family best.
  1. When you click FINISH your selected bookings will be emailed to you immediately.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: These are Google MEET appointments, PLEASE KEEP THE BOOKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL SOMEWHERE SAFE. You will need to return to this email on the day of your appointment. Two minutes before your appointment time, click on the Google MEET LINK next to the teacher's name in your booking confirmation email and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • If you do not receive an email, please check your junk-mail, or contact the school to check your booking information, 780-998-3716

  1. When you join the google meet, your child’s teacher will let you in. Thank you for waiting patiently for you to be let into the google meet.

Thank you again for your engagement in your child’s checkpoint in their learning. If you have any questions, please contact us at 780-998-3716.

Grade 4s Learn Halloween Vocabulary in French

Remote Control Monster Truck?

Yes you read that right! Mrs. Heesing, Mme Gravelle, Mrs. Kucy and Mrs. Weller will be visiting classes throughout the year and bringing with them The Bookmobile. They are gifted the pleasure of reading to children not just during Read-In Month, but every month...and we have a wild idea!

If you have a remote control monster truck at home collecting dust, and you are willing to share it with us for the year - we would love to incorporate this into our Bookmobile reading events with children. It would help to tow in the book we will be reading the children!! How fun!

Thank you for emailing Mme Gravelle at or Mrs. Weller at

Thank you for your help to bring even more joy to OLA children!

Gearing Up for Halloween

On Friday we will celebrate Halloween with our OLA community! To prepare, here are a few pieces of information that will help set us all up for success:

  • Children are invited to wear and be in their costumes for the entire day;
  • Thank you for ensuring that costumes continue to allow children to move about their day as normal (ie. can sit, eat and go outside for recess)
  • Costumes are to be appropriate for school and are not to include excessive gore, blood or weapons. Thank you for ensuring that costumes are not offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone's culture, gender or heritage.
  • The masking requirement will continue to be in place, please ensure costumes allow for this.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to create a safe environment for all students and to set a good example. Thank you for engaging in conversations with your child about how costume choice may impact others in the building;
  • Throughout the day there will be in-class Halloween events and activities, a cohort dance hosted by Mme Gravelle and in-class parties;
  • Thank you for adding a special treat or two for your child to enjoy during their in class party - and this is a time when we can enjoy a treat or two from the "Choose Least Often" foods as we work hard to live our Wellness Guidelines relating to Nutrition;
  • We will not be asking families to contribute food for the class to consume;
  • Should you wish to share a treat with your child's class, thank you for making it a non-food item.
  • Your child's teacher will share specifics regarding in-class events and activities and please connect with them if you have any questions. They can be reached by email through our website at;

We are looking forward to celebrating this very fun and exciting time together! Thank you for all your help to ensure everyone is well and joy-filled on this exciting day!

Numeracy in Grade 4

School Fees

School Fees are now active in PowerSchool. School Fees were added Monday October 18th and Field Trip fees were added Friday October 22nd. Please log into your PowerSchool account to pay your school fees by November 30th, 2021.

Please note that fees maybe added throughout the year as field trips are able to occur. We will be sending home emails when new fees are added to your account.

If you require financial assistance in paying fees please fill out the form that is available at on our EICS website-click here to access form: Fee waiver form

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Desaulneirs 780-998-3716 or email

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Are Yours Completed?

Have you logged onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete all of the required annual consent forms?

Did you know that if your child's Annual Low-Risk Field Trip form is not completed, they are unable to go on an off-site field trip with their class?

Did you know that if you're child's annual Technology Use Agreement form or One-to-One Use Agreement are not completed, they may be unable to access OLA's technology or wifi?

Do you love seeing evidence of your child learning and growing at OLA? Make sure you complete the annual FOIPP forms.

Thank you for taking a moment to log onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete the forms. If you have any questions, Mrs. Susan Desaulniers is our PowerSchool Guru and is delighted to help. Please contact her at 780-998-3716.

For more information about these annual forms, please click here, and look under Additional Registration Resources.

Welcome Volunteers...and October is Read-In Month!

The engagement of parents in their child's education is an integral element to the learning success of children. We are looking forward to welcoming back this partnership in a fashion that ensures the continued health and safety of our OLA community.

Volunteers Needed:

  • October is Read-In Month!! Usually it's a week, but at OLA we feel that Literacy and a love of reading is SO important, we make it a WHOLE month! If you are interested in reading to your child's class either virtually or in person, please contact your child's teacher to offer dates/times you are available to read this month. We encourage you to bring and read a book you love or loved to read. When a parent reads to a class virtually, it opens the door for a Mystery Reader! Children ask questions, and parents answer by typing in the chat, to see if they can guess who you are. If you are interested in offering to be a Mystery Reader (and it means answering any questions kids may ask....:-) Then please share that with your child's teacher too. Let's make reading fun, together!! ***Special thank you to the parents who have already joined us for Read-In Week - It's SO great to see you in person! Thank you for being involved with your child's education!**
  • Painters Out There? We are calling on a volunteer or two who are interested in painting our "Called to More" theme on our Theme wall in the school so that we can create and interactive space to celebrate our community when they answer the "Call to More." Painting would be with tempera paints and dish soap. If you are interested, please contact -

Through pre-arranged in-person volunteering, the following will be expected:

  • Complete the Daily Screening Checklist
  • Volunteers are recommended to be fully vaccinated. Beginning December 20, 2021 all guests and volunteers will require proof of vaccination as per Administrative Procedure 489
  • Sign-in at the office and acknowledge completion of the Daily Screening Checklist.
  • Wear a volunteer badge at all times. This indicates to staff and students that you have completed the checklist, signed-in at the office, and are at the school for a specific pre-arranged purpose.
  • Maintain social distancing at much as possible with staff and students.
  • Be present at the for the scheduled duration of the volunteering time
  • Follow all masking, hand hygiene and hand hygiene protocols

Dropping off or picking up children, lunches or items will continue in the same fashion, and our exterior doors will remain secured.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mme Gravelle at 780-998-3716.

Who's Who @ OLA?

Now that we are just over a month and a half into our school year together, we'd like to bring back the re-introduction of our amazing team of staff who "light up for your child" and walk with your them each and every joy-filled day.

We invite you to click here to put faces to names of the people your children may talk about home.

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Congratulations and welcome to the 2021-2022 OLA School Council Executive!

Chair: Heather Spracklin

Co-Chair: Katie Bosse

Secretary: Terra Slaby

Treasurer: Crystal Breault

To connect to your new OLA School Council, please email

They are excited to serve our amazing OLA community and they invite you to join them for their next virtual OLA School Council Meeting on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00pm. Mark your calendars!

All parents are invited to attend the School Council meetings and as an OLA parent, you are already a member of the committee! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Grade 4 Bibles

Looking Ahead...

Looking Further Ahead...

November 1 - 5

  • Prayer Labyrinth at OLA
November 2 & 4
  • Virtual Three Way Conferences 5-8pm

November 3

  • Early Dismissal - 2:19pm

November 8 - 12

  • Fall Break - School Closed

November 17

  • Picture Day M/W Kindergarten and retakes for Grade 1 - 4

November 18

  • 7:00pm OLA School Council Meeting (virtual) - All parents are invited!
November 21

  • Celebrating Catholic Education - Rebuild, Restore, Renew - Together
November 26

  • Tentative Grade 4 Servant Leadership Retreat

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Faith at Home: Building Resiliency in our Kids

A session being hosted by the Sherwood Park Alliance Church called "Faith at Home: Building Resiliency in our Kids". It will be a discussion with Dr. Shawn Reynolds, who is a member of the congregation at Sherwood Park Alliance Church. Some of you may have crossed paths with Dr. Reynolds before - he has previously worked at the Glenrose and he also continues to do assessment through his private practice. He is quite well known in the field of psychology within the Edmonton area.

The event is online on October 27th from 7:30 - 9 pm and there is no cost. For more info and the link to register, click here.

Family and Community Services

EICS Partners with Lurana House

Providing a continuum of care to women and children seeking refuge from abusive situations.