Gretchen Doyal

Teaching to the future!!!

A little glimps of me...

I was born and raised in Georgia, just minutes from Stone Mountain Park in Snellville, 'Where Everybody is Somebody". I am married (12 yrs) to my sweetheart Matt, we have three children, two cats, two land hermit crabs, one schnauzer and we love to camp! We currently live in North Georgia with easy access to several major cities. I have been involved in working with children from an early age, babysitting, Sunday School youth leader, volunteering at local schools, tutoring and as a teachers aide most recently (although right now I am working at an insurance agency). I have a passion to lead children to a brighter future through education. After I had three children of my own I saw the need for and impact of a truly good, passionate teacher in education. My oldest son Levi (9), the thinker, is a driven learner that gets bored with repetition once he has mastered a topic. Leah (8), the artist, struggles with reading, speech and recognizing some word sounds, she wants to do well and works so very hard each day for even the smallest triumph! Lucas (5) the 'mud-puppy' is trucking right along in school- he is right where he needs to be but honestly he could take it or leave it! I have three very different learners in my home. This is when I decided to make my dream a reality. I knew I could do more in the lives of children with an education myself, so I took a leap and began my journey in Early Childhood Education online at Ashford University. I knew an education would only help me develop the skills I already have to allow me to not only be a great teacher, but to also show every child that they have greatness inside them and I will help them find it!

Where am I headed...

As I begin my teaching journey I would prefer to work with children between the Pre-K through 2nd grade level, this grade level is an emerging level that fits my energetic style. This young age group is a wonderful group to develop my teaching style and to work with different strategies. The children and myself will benefit from the resent knowledge I have gained in school and I am eager to apply it to a live classroom setting. This is the foundational level for the students school career for the next 12 years, I can help make it a solid one!

My aspirations are of teaching in an elementary school that allows for maximum growth and use of my energetic and upbeat personality. I have a desire to begin my teaching career as an assistant teacher so that I may gain from the knowledge of a seasoned educator, then take these observations and modify them in my own special way to further hone my skills so my students make large strides in learning. I know from my own life that experience is the best way to learn, like with children they learn when they get their hands into their work. In a few years I seek to merge my enthusiasm, talents and knowledge into a lead teaching position that benefits the schools and the parents desires for their children's education. After all, we are all working to better the lives of the children we work with everyday.