What does your body do in a minute?

By Jacob Kronlage and Davis Stelzer

Your body does incredible things.

Did you know that in one minute, your body typically beats about 70 times? These beats push out about 2.4 ounces of blood. Over the course of your life, you make about 1 million full barrels of blood. In this minute, you will read about 300 words, send trillions of chemical signals, and you will lose about 50,000 cells from your skin. A lot can happen in a minute.
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What else do you do in one small minute?

Did you know that you blink about 20 times every minute. This all adds up and equals out to be about eight years of your life just blinking. Believe it or not you will grow a total of about 1.1 inches of hair in this minute. Your body does crazy things, and some of them happen very quickly.
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