Switching to Impeccable Natural Gas -Logan Tucker 2nd

Outline of Plan

1. Start exploring for and locating where the natural gas is. Although this will cost money, it is well worth it to know where the gas is. STING will accomplish this by drilling test holes in various parts of the country. It is important that each test hole is marked so we can compare the amount of gas received to the type of land. It’s very possible that a specific type of geographic location contains more natural gas than another.

2. Educate Americans on the importance of not relying on foreign oil. It’s essential that Americans know why we need to change energy sources because if they don’t, they won’t care. There are thousands of people out there that don’t realize how unstable the countries that we get oil from are. If something were to go wrong in that country, it would affect us dramatically. We can educate America by airing commercials, putting articles in the newspaper, social media, and several other ways.

3. Start drilling for natural gas. This one’s pretty simple. In order to use the gas, we have to get it out of the ground. This process consists of using enormous drills to extract the natural gas. It’s important that this is the third step because it makes it easier for two reasons: One, we know where the largest amount of gas is because we drilled test holes. Two, because America is educated, it will be easier to get funding to start drilling.

4. Modify the natural gas so it is usable. Obviously, we cannot use natural gas straight out of the ground. The natural gas underground consists of water, oil, and other gases. Once the gas is out of the ground, it has to be transported to a processing plant nearby. At the processing plant, in simple terms, the unneeded materials are separated from the pure natural gas. The other materials are used for other needs, and the pure gas is transported to its next location in pipelines.

5. Lower taxes on private sectors so that they can create businesses involved with natural gas. In today’s economy, privately owned businesses have a hard time getting started. One of the biggest reasons is that they’re losing a lot of money due to taxes. If the owners had lower taxes, their businesses would be able to start up quicker and their money would be spent on better things.

6. Transport the natural gas to LDCs (local distribution companies.) After the natural gas is processed it has to be transported to LDCs so that they can sell it to homes and businesses in a general area. This is done using thousands of miles of pipelines that move the gas.

7. LDCs make natural gas available for homes and businesses. This is the third and final step of the natural gas’ journey to its end destination. LDCs located just outside cities use smaller pipelines to transport natural gas to homes and businesses. An example of a business could potentially be gas stations. This leads us to the last step.

8. Educate car companies on the benefits of switching to natural gas. One of the biggest uses of oil in the U.S. is gasoline for cars. If we want to get America off of foreign oil, cars will need a new energy source. If car manufacturers know the advantages of switching to natural gas, they may start to think about ideas for a car that runs on natural gas. The best way to contact car manufacturers would be to write letters explaining our plan.

As we go through this plan, America will slowly become more capable of coming off of foreign oil. When people start to use more natural gas for things, the need for oil will naturally go down.

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Daniel Akerson


General Motors

Dear Mr. Akerson:

As you may know, America has a big issue: the country relies on foreign oil like a fish relies on water. In 2011, America imported on average 11.4 million barrels of oil a day from 80 different countries. That’s a lot of oil. And what would happen if a crisis occurred in a couple of these countries that have very unstable economies? As part of a car company, we assume you know. Today, we want to talk to you about the organization STING- Switching to Impeccable Natural Gas.

STING is an energy organization promoting the idea of getting off foreign oil and switching to natural gas. Our goal is to eventually make natural gas America’s number one energy resource. Why do want to do this? Besides the unreliable countries we import oil from, there are several other reasons for wanting to use natural gas.

A big reason is that natural gas burns a lot cleaner than coal. It releases far less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide than oil. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels.

The next reason is also significant. We have a huge amount of natural gas right here in America. Instead of having to import oil from thousands of miles away, we can get natural gas right out of the ground we stand on. This would cost less money and create more jobs. Natural gas is also a lot cheaper than oil. The EIA, Energy Information Administration, says that the average American will spend $732 to heat their home with natural gas versus $2,535 with oil. This shows how much more efficient natural gas is than oil.

But wait there’s more. Just two years ago, it only would’ve cost $1,752 to heat a home with oil. This proves that the places where we’re getting oil from are unstable and unreliable. As you can see natural gas is superior to oil.

Our plan will start with simply exploring and trying to locate where the most oil is. As we do this we want to get the word out on how natural gas is a better solution than oil. Americans needs to know what’s going on in their own country. Then, we start drilling for the gas. We will drill in the places where we have found the most amount gas so we can be as efficient as possible. After that, the gas will be modified so that it can be used. Transportation to the users is the final step.

We would like you and General Motors to consider looking in to making a car powered by natural gas. Cars are one of the biggest reasons why we need oil. In 2011, America used on average about 367 million gallons of gas everyday. A very large percentage of this goes toward cars. You have an opportunity to contribute to stopping America’s need for oil and to get ahead of other competitors in alternative energy resources. We have several more things that we would love to present to you. STING wants to team up with your company to try to place America on a better path to the future.



Interesting Facts

1. Natural gas is colorless and odorless in most situations; however, to help people detect gas leaks in their home, it has an odorant added.

2. Before natural gas is used for heating or other purposes in a residence, almost everything except the methane is removed so it burns cleanly.

3. Natural gas is considered a clean fuel because it releases carbon dioxide and water vapor when burned, rather than greater quantities of CO2 and other harmful chemicals emitted by oil and coal.

4. Natural gas can be used to generate electricity when used in devices called fuel cells. This can greatly decrease the pollution generally associated with electricity generation.