Panda Post

Issue #11

Classroom News

Some items of importance:

-Student Council is holding a food drive for the next couple of weeks. If our class brings in the most food, we can win a pizza party from Peter Piper Pizza! Please send in canned goods and other non-perishable items.

-Be on the lookout for the SPELLING BEE information that was sent home in the folders on Friday. Our classroom bee will take place the week after Thanksgiving so you have plenty of time to practice the words :)

-Smencils are back on sale from Student Council for $1. These were very popular and sold out in 3 days last time! This time they are holiday themed.

In math this week we will begin subtracting two digit numbers, first without regrouping and then with regrouping. This is a difficult concept that I didn't even understand fully until college! When you "borrow" in order to subtract, you are decomposing the number and thinking about it a different way. EX. Instead of 45 being 4 tens and 5 ones, when you borrow from the tens place, 45 is now 3 tens and 15 ones. Practicing basic facts with flash cards will help students to be able to add these numbers together more quickly and leave less room for error.

Next Week

Spelling words will be using the patterns a_e, -ay, and _ai_ to spell words with the long a sound. hint: if the sound is at the end, it's always -ay, like in MAY, DAY, PLAY, STAY etc. If the sound is in the middle of a word, it can be spelled with a_e like LATE, RACE, or APE, or it can be spelled with an _ai_ like RAIN, CHAIN, or HAIR.

Upcoming Events

11/2-11/18 Student Council Food Drive

11/23-11/27 Thanksgiving Break