African Innovation Hunt

the quest for the continent's best tech innovation

Let's find the gems!

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 at 5:30-7:30pm

Viva Cafe, Somerset Square, Highfield Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town


Safe, easy parking up the ramp.
Delicious nibbles, coffee and drinks to sustain our brains as we go.

What we're doing

We're gathering at a local cafe with wifi for the annual hunt to submit the (smarter) people's choice of Africa's most promising tech innovations, for UNESCO/Netexplorateur* Top100 Tech Innovations 2013, with some of UCT Graduate School of Business' finest student minds.

  • 2 quick talks on the African tech innovation space
  • A briefing about what to look for in high impact innovations, and the qualities that need to be present to be world-changing.
  • We do an online sprint to select our individual favourites (if you submit an eventual winner you get a Netexplorateur commendation).
  • And then we'll kick back to fire up our own ideas for next year's submission!

It's a relaxed, fun (er yes, that would be the entrepreneur's version of fun) exploration of inspiring practical innovation.


To uncover the hidden genius emerging from our continent. We'd love you to join us to find and filter out the worthy projects, and hook up some insights for your own inspiration. (we need more Cape Town representation on the UNESCO stage!)


(Dave has been to the awards in Paris for the past 3 years, and will share some of the thrill of the gathering. And the quality expected).

(Max advises and helps accelerate the growth of high impact African social innovations, and will help cut through the trendy fluff)


(Max's specialities are open innovation, prototyping and digital business models).


* Netexplorateur is a global observatory on digital society. Every year Netexplorateur partners with universities around the world to help spot the most important new technologies that will shape our lives and societies. The entrepreneurs behind the top 100 technologies every year are celebrated at an annual event hosted at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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IMAGE CREDIT: Erik Hersman (whiteafrican on Flickr) Creative Commons licensed BY.
One of our favourite goto sources for African ingenuity: