Types of percents

Mattie Allen

Taxes,tips,and markups

Taxes,tips,and markups are found by finding a percent of a number then adding it to the original number.It is and addition to the final amount.


Discounts are when you find a percent of a number and subtract it from the original amount.the discount is how munch money you saved total.

Examples of Mark-Ups

I went to Walmart and I wanted to buy a life jacket. It was $56.00. Idecided to go back a week later to buy it and they markes it up by 25%.the cost now is $70.00.

Example of Commission:

My dad works at a car dealership and when he sell ps a car that is $10,000.000 he gets $1,000.000 . So he gets 10% commision.


Commission is the amount that someone makes off a sale.Acommission is found by finding the percent of a number.